Evaluation & Pricing Training Videos


History of National Park Concessions

A 16 minute film that describes the evolving role of concessioners in the National Park Service. (257,222 KB wmv)

Contract Management Overview

A discussion of the planning, acquisition, and management (PAM) model used to describe the concession contract life cycle with a focus on contract management responsibilities. (203,746 KB wmv)

Rate Approval Program

An overview of the regulations, policies, and guidance of the Rate Administration Program including a discussion of the different approved rate methods and the responsibilities of the NPS and concessioner in the rate approval process. (461,273 KB wmv)

Direct Comparability Rate Method

A review of the direct comparability rate method and the 12 steps necessary to complete a full comparability review. (259,569 KB wmv)

Limited Review Rate Method

A discussion of the limited review comparability rate method, the criteria for using this method, and how it differs from a full comparability review. (118,316 KB wmv)

Merchandise Pricing and Utilities

A review of rate methods used for merchandise including: markup, markon, comparability, and competitive market declaration. Policy and guidance on utility charges and the method to calculate utility pass-throughs are also covered. (658,488 KB wmv)

Core Menu Rate Approval Method

A discussion of the core menu rate method, its advantages, and the process for developing a core menu. (706,728 KB wmv)

Other Rate Methods

A review of the following rate methods: contract Specified, competitive market declaration, financial analysis, and consumer price index. (269,343 KB wmv)

Concessioner Review Program

An overview of the regulations, policies, program components for the concessioner review. Program and the responsibilities of the NPS and concessioner for this evaluation program. (103,773 KB wmv)

Public Health

A review of the responsibilities of the U.S. Public Health Service and NPS in concession management including discussions on the systems approach, food preparation process, inherent hazards, and necessary interventions. (687,769 KB wmv)

Inspection Procedures

A presentation of the processes and procedures for conducting a periodic evaluation. (1,041,001 KB wmv)

Risk Management Program

A review of the components of the concessioners risk management program and associated NPS and concessioner responsibilities. (708,278 KB wmv)

Category III Simplified Contracts

A review of the elements and the evaluation and reporting considerations for this type of contract. (280,430 KB wmv)

Annual Overall Rating

A presentation on the annual overall rating and how this rating is calculated. (483,567 KB wmv)


An overview of concessioner environmental requirements and procedures for assessing the concessioner's performance in the evaluation process. (310,126 KB wmv)