All concession contracts require concessioners to submit an Annual Financial Report, commonly referred to as the AFR. Concessioners can find both electronic AFR reporting forms and filing instructions here. Both the AFR long form and short form for smaller concession contracts can be filed electronically through this site.

Information on NPS requirements for sale of native handicrafts to park area visitors and the concessioner's requirements for handicraft authenticity and labeling. Information on the eligibility requirements for concessioner franchise fee exemption on Native American handicrafts sales is provided.

Information on the Concessions Management Advisory Board (CMAB) activities, recommendations and meetings. Review the most recent CMAB meeting agendas, testimony, and actions as well as obtain information on Board responsibilities and Advisory Board Members.

On-line video links to fifteen National Park Service training modules which cover the major topics in the NPS concessions evaluation and pricing training. A separate video version is also available on-line for computers using a slower data connection.

Searchable issue library for the GreenLine Newsletter, the Commercial Service Program's environmental information publication. Click to view the newest issue or search for special environmental topics and best practices information electronically.

Additional tools for concessioner to assist in managing their ongoing operations or to address specific needs are provided by selecting from Concessioner Tools list.