Mesa Verde National Park Pre-Solicitation Site Visit

The National Park Service (NPS) anticipates releasing a Prospectus for a concession contract within the next 60 days soliciting proposals for lodging, food & beverage, retail, campground, tour, kennel, fuel, and other services within Mesa Verde National Park (CC-MEVE001-15). The NPS anticipates having this solicitation open for a minimum of 100 days. A one-day site visit is scheduled for November 19, 2013, to allow interested parties an opportunity to see the facilities. The site visit will begin Tuesday, November 19, at 8:15 a.m. at the CCC Rec Hall (turn right at mile marker 19) in Mesa Verde National Park and is expected to end by 6:00 p.m. at the Visitor and Research Center near the Park entrance. The site visit will include tours of Spruce Tree Terrace, Far View Terrace, Wetherill Mesa Snack Bar (dependent upon the weather and road conditions), Far View Lodge, Morefield Campground, Morefield Village (including the camp store, cafe, gas station, and shower & laundry facility), and the Visitor and Research Center. All of the concession facilities are closed for the season, except Spruce Tree Terrace, and will be inactive during the site visit.

To attend the site visit, pre-registration is required. If you plan to attend, please contact Sue Johnson-Erner, Mesa Verde National Park, Concessions Management Specialist, at (970) 529-4612 with the name of your company, a contact phone number, mailing address, email address, and the number of people attending from your organization. Please contact Sue Johnson-Erner no later than November 8th, 4:00 p.m. The NPS may limit the tour of the Spruce Tree Terrace kitchen to no more than two people per organization. Additional logistical information and the agenda will follow pre-registration.

Site visit participants are responsible for their lodging, meals, incidentals, and transportation to the respective facilities. Spruce Tree Terrace will serve as the only in-Park option for lunch during the site visit. Please be prepared for inclement weather and to walk long distances between the buildings. Please wear closed-toe shoes for your safety.

The NPS does not intend to host an additional site visit associated with this business opportunity, as the solicitation period for the prospectus will close before full operations resume.

Attendance at the site visit is not required in order to submit a proposal for the Prospectus; however, attendance is encouraged.

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