Commercial Services Announces GreenLine Blog

The National Park Service Commercial Services Program emphasizes education and communication as a means to help the Program accomplish its mission "to provide assistance and guidance that advances the environmental performance of businesses offering visitor services in national parks." To meet this goal, Commercial Services has been publishing the GreenLine Newsletter since 2000. The primary purposes of the GreenLine Newsletter are to publicize program goals and objectives, provide information on environmental compliance and best management practices, and highlight outstanding concessioner environmental programs.

After 12 years of hardcopy publication, last year the GreenLine went electronic. This year, to keep our communications current, we are moving from a semi-annual publication to a GreenLine Blog! This will help us deliver information on important topics more quickly as it comes up. We will continue to highlight concession best management activities; provide information on compliance, management systems, and sustainability; and answer park and concessioner questions that arise. We also hope to encourage more guest blogger articles from regions, parks, and of course concessioners. Our first blog entry, which will be posted most fittingly on Earth Day, will highlight some of the concessioner-planned Earth Day events. Please go to the Commercial Services website home page and look at the News section to view current articles. Remember copies of previous GreenLine Newsletters will remain available on the Commercial Services website, click here to view. We hope you enjoy our new format, and make sure you add the Commercial Services site to your web favorites!