Commercial Services Program Releases Solicitation

The National Park Service Commercial Services Program released a solicitation on 1/30/2014 for Prospectus Development and Business Advisory Services.

The Service seeks specialized hospitality consulting firms to develop prospectuses to solicit competition for concession contracts through strategic business advice and the development of quality reports. Ideally, a prospectus contains an accurate description of the business opportunity provided a private company by the privileges granted under a particular contract and selection criteria that allow the Service to select the best offeror for the contract. This is analogous to the purchase and sale of businesses in the private sector, but the Service, as the government entity with title to the land and improvements, ultimately ensures quality visitor services.

Under federal law, the National Park Service uses concession contracts to allow private companies to provide high quality commercial visitor services at reasonable rates in units of the National Park System. The law also requires the Service to provide the private companies a reasonable opportunity for a net profit in relation to the capital invested and the obligations of the contract. The Service has developed regulations guiding the content and use of prospectuses for concession contracts and has extensive policies for this process and for managing concession contracts once awarded. The Service has issued concessioner contracts for a variety of commercial visitor services including lodging, restaurants, transportation, ferry services, retail, backcountry guides, and others. Currently, the Service has more than 500 concession contracts in approximately 150 parks in the System.

Under this solicitation, the Service expects to issue task orders for concession contracts that already have expired or will expire by their terms between 2014 and 2020. Services under these concession contracts include full service resorts (lodging, food and beverage, retail, tours), ferry services, marinas, large food and beverage and retail operations, tour vessels, and backcountry guides.

Addition information, including instructions on how to respond to this solicitation are posted on FedBizOpps and FedConnect under reference number P14PS00212.