City Tavern Celebrates Our Nation's Independence With Healthy Options

City Tavern, Independence National Historical Park

On July 4, 2013, visitors at Independence National Historical Park enjoyed good company and good food at the City Tavern—a concession operation associated with the park—like our forefathers 237 years ago. The tavern has been operating for hundreds of years, but the menu and the experience are anything but stale.

Working in a historic institution, the City Tavern staff understand the importance of keeping the menu authentic, which happens to also mean that seasonal and local foods are ideal. In its heyday, the tavern was surrounded by Pennsylvania farms, making local produce easily accessible. The current menu includes mushrooms, brook trout, and ales that are grown, caught, and brewed locally, and all recipes are consistent with those that could have been found in colonial America. This traditional food helps the City Tavern and Independence National Historical Park meet many of the the National Park Service's new Healthy Food Choice Standards and Sustainable Food Guidelines and also creates a healthy and sustainable food experience for park visitors.

The tavern, which is just a short walk to the Delaware River, historically offered public meeting rooms. This provided opportunities for colonial Americans to gather for a hot meal as they passed through the area. Today, the Tavern is still a local gathering place for those looking for good food and a little taste of tradition.

Whether you celebrate our nation's independence with locally brewed ale or some mallard duck sausage, City Tavern helps us preserve and celebrate America's culinary history in a healthy way that sustains us for the future.