Authentic Native Handicrafts

It is the policy of the National Park Service to encourage concessioners to sell native handicrafts to park area visitors. The Congress, through Section 416 of the National Parks Omnibus Management Act of 1998 embodied this policy into law stating:

Promoting the sale of authentic United States Indian, Alaska Native, Native Samoan, and Native Hawaiian handicrafts relating to the cultural, historical and geographic characteristics of units of the National Park System is encouraged, and the Secretary shall ensure that there is a continuing effort to enhance the handicraft trade where it exists and establish the trade in appropriate areas where the trade currently does not exist.

Section 416(b) of the 1998 Act exempts the revenues derived by NPS concessioners from the sale of United States Indian, Alaska Native, Native Samoan, and Native Hawaiian handicrafts from concession contract franchise fees to encourage Native American handicraft sales by concessioners. Concessioners must mark sales items that are authentic native handicrafts with a label attesting to the item's authenticity, and maintain sales receipts for those items in order to be eligible for franchise fee exemption.

The National Park Service approves the nature, type and quantity of merchandise to be offered by concessioners including handicrafts. Concessioners must work with their park to insure that this requirement is met in accordance with the terms of their concession contract.

A link to the Source Directory of Indian Arts and Crafts Businesses maintained by the Department of Interior Indian Arts and Crafts Board that provides a listing of authentic Native American vendors is provided in the Helpful Links below.