Board Members

Dr. James J. Eyster, Advisory Board Chairman
Vice Chairman, James J. Eyster Associates
Representing the Accounting Industry

Dr. Eyster serves as the Chairman of the Board. Dr. Eyster has a Ph.D. in Hotel Administration, and was professor of hotel finance and real estate at Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration. He has written books and taught courses on financial and managerial accounting, financial analysis and planning, management contracts, and hotel finance.

Mr. Richard Linford
Co-owner, ECHO: The Wilderness Company
Representing the Outfitter and Guide Industry

Mr. Linford has served as an officer of American Outdoors, American Rivers, Inc., and other outfitter and river-running organizations, and the board of American Rivers, Inc. an organization committed to conservation and restoration of free-flowing risers and their watersheds.

Ms. Ramona Sakiestewa
Artist and Native American Fine Arts Consultant
Representing the Traditional Arts and Crafts Industry

Ms. Sakiestewa's work has been exhibited in various museums and arts centers throughout the country. She has served as an arts administrator for the New Mexico State Arts Agency, as President of the Southwestern Association on Indian Affairs, and as Chair of the New Mexico State Arts Commission.

Ms. Michele Michalewicz
Chairman of the Board, National Tour Association
Representing the Tourism Industry

Ms. Michalewicz is President and co-owner of Western Leisure, Inc., and currently serves as the Chairman and CEO of the National Tour Association (NTA). She served as Chairman of the Education Committee in 2000, was co-chair of the 2006 NTA Annual Convention and has served on the NTA Board of Directors since 2005.

Mr. Courtland Nelson
Director, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Division of Parks and Trails
Representing State Parks and Recreation Programs

Mr. Nelson is the Director of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Division of Trails and Parks where he oversees 67 State parks and 9 State recreation areas, in addition to archaeological sites, campsites and snowmobile trails. Mr. Nelson is active in State tourism activities, research dealing with barriers to participation in outdoor recreation and several regional initiatives with scientific and university organizations, including the NPS.

Mr. Blake Yeaman
President and Owner of Yeaman, LLC
Representing the Hospitality Industry

Mr. Yeaman is the President and owner of Yeaman, LLC, a business strategy and marketing firm. He has served as the Director of Corporate Marketing at Hornblower, Inc., a cruise vessel and events company. He has a depth of experience in the passenger vessel industry as well as marketing and technology.

Representing Non-Profit Conservation Parks and Recreation Industries