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Colonial National Historical Park offers educational programs to enhance your students' academic experiences. Student participation is encouraged through use of the inquiry method and hands-on activities. Programs are scheduled on weekdays from October through May, no weekends or holidays. There is a $30.00 interpretive fee for each program. All reservations must be made in advance. Payment must be made by check and received within 30 days of making the reservation. To arrange for a program, call the Interpretive Program Coordinator at (757) 898-2411. To ensure a program for your class, please call at least two months and no more than five months in advance.

*Qualifying school groups with students ages 15 and under, who are not affiliated with a commercial company and who have not booked a tour or program through the National Park Service or Preservation Virginia will be allowed one complimentary adult admission with every ten complimentary student admissions to the park. Teachers are admitted free with the school group. Additional adults will be charged the park entrance fee.


The National Park Service at Historic Jamestowne offers educational programs for student groups. Our onsite programs are Walking Tours of the actual site of Jamestown. These programs are not designed to be done in combination with each other.
RANGER GUIDED WALKING TOUR - Suggested grades: 4th –college. Experience Jamestown history where it happened: on the site of the first permanent English settlement in North America. Students will join a park ranger for a short outdoor walking tour. Classroom studies will be much enhanced by hearing stories from Virginia's past: the role of Chief Powhatan and his famous daughter in Jamestown history, the struggles of English settlers like John Smith and Christopher Newport, and the development of tobacco as Virginia's cash crop, leading to the eventual establishment of slavery. Primary sources, combined with the latest archeological discoveries, bring a four-century-old site to life.

Historic Jamestowne is jointly administered by the National Park Service, which owns the majority of the 1500 acre Island, and Preservation Virginia which owns 22 1/2 acres.

Preservation Virginia's acreage includes

  • the Memorial Church,
  • the 17th century church tower,
  • the site of the original triangular fort of 1607, where the current archaeological dig is taking place,
  • the Dale House Cafe and
  • the Archaearium, a museum dedicated to the artifacts found within the fort.

National Park focus of the program takes place near the Tercentennial Monument, waterfront, and the New Towne area.

  • Maximum class size: 50 people per program.
  • Program time: 30 – 45 minutes.
  • Please call at least two months and no more than five months in advance.
  • Focus of the program takes place near the Tercentennial Monument, waterfront, and the New Towne area.
Ties to Virginia Standard of Learning (SOLs): VS.1, VS.2, VS.3, VS.4, USI.1, USI.2c, USI.3, USI.4a, USI.4b, USI.5a, USI.5c, USI.5d
Visitor Etiquette Form
For Historic Jamestowne please complete and bring the following form when you check in at the Historic Jamestowne Visitor Center: Historic Jamestown Museum and Etiquette Form.

COLONIAL FAMILY OF YORKTOWN - Suggested grade: 1-2. With the use of the pre- visit study guide, youngsters will be introduced to the Norton family and life in colonial Yorktown. In addition, the guide discusses colonial home-life, occupations and amusements. In the ranger led program, hands-on activities involve the children with homemaking activities, colonial games and school materials. Colonial Yorktown will be investigated through a self-guided tour through the town (map provided).

  • Maximum class size: 20 students/10 chaperones per program.
  • Program time: 45 minutes.

Ties to Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs): 1.1, 1.6, 1.7, 1.9, 2.3
Colonial Family Teacher's Guide 3,280 KB

FORTUNES OF WAR - Suggested grades: 4-6. This program helps students to understand how the Siege of Yorktown and the American Revolution affected the lives of both soldiers and citizens. Students will actively participate in the battlefield and town tours through hands-on activities, role-playing and demonstrations. Teachers will receive a video and Teacher Resource Guide prior to their visit. This guide discusses the roles of the ranger, teachers and students during the park visit, as well as provides activity sheets and supplemental information for their American Revolution curriculum. Maximum class size: 40 students/10 chaperones per program. Program time: one hour. Ties to Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs): VS.5, USI.6

NON-FIRING ARTILLERY DEMONSTRATION - Suggested grades: 3-6. In this hands-on program, students will learn about artillery used in the Revolutionary War and the role it played during the siege of Yorktown. Using an original Revolutionary War cannon, students form a gun crew and go through a mock firing, following the same drill as General Washington's troops. Maximum class size: 75 people per program. Program time: 25 minutes.

SIEGE LINE WALKING TOUR - Suggested grades: 5-college. Learn about the events surrounding the last major battle of the American Revolution at Yorktown. During a walking tour of the Yorktown Battlefield, groups will visit the British defenses around the town, see the American siege positions and discuss how General Washington successfully surrounded and defeated the British army. Maximum class size: 75 people per program. Program time: 45 minutes. Ties to Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs): VS.5, USI.6 2013.


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