2017 Special Events


For more information, including possible schedule changes due to inclement weather or other factors please call the telephone number associated with each event. The following are special events scheduled for 2017 for all of Colonial National Historical Park including Historic Jamestowne and Yorktown Battlefield.

Special Events for Colonial National Historical Park 2017.

"A Patriotic, Winter Event" Celebrating President's Day and Black History Month

Colonial National Historic Park is excited to open its doors for a weekend of family-friendly historic interpretive programs that should be both entertaining and informative. Superintendent Kym Hall warmly welcomes the public to "come out and enjoy three excellent offerings, a first-person presentation focusing on an African in early Jamestown, a program highlighting women in the Revolution, and an exhibit on The Royal African Company."

Meet Anthony Johnson Saturday, February 18th and Monday, February 20th at Historic Jamestowne Visitor Center, 11:00am, 1:00pm and 3:00pm both days.Arriving on the ship James at Jamestown in 1621, Anthony Johnson’s rise to freedom is a saga of suspense and intrigue. From his capture in Africa, enslavement in the colony of Virginia, to freeman living on Virginia’s Eastern Shore, Johnson’s story, his emotions and his trials are brought to life by award winning interpreter Jerome Bridges. Learn first hand about Johnson, his life and struggles, and his place in American history.

Revolutionary Women Saturday, February 18th and Monday, February 20th at Yorktown Battlefield Visitor Center, 1:00pm and 3:00pm both days.Meet three “Revolutionary Women” who lived through the War for Independence: a Virginia woman who accompanied her husband to war as a camp follower, a South Carolina loyalist who spied for the British, and a Massachusetts woman who enlisted and fought as a man. The spy and the soldier were real, and the camp follower is based on real people. Historian and interpreter Darci Tucker of Williamsburg wrote “Revolutionary Women,” and portrays all three women in this unique presentation. The performance includes quick costume changes, and the audience has the opportunity to interview each character. The program is suitable for all ages.

National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior The "Royal African Company" exhibit will be available all month for viewing at Historic Jamestowne Visitor Center.In the earliest days of settlement slavery was not widespread in Virginia, but by the latter part of the 17th century changes had taken place due to the evolution of a labor intensive agricultural crop, tobacco. To facilitate the organized introduction of cheap labor, the Royal African Company came into existence under an English charter granted by the King. The express purpose of the endeavor was to trade English goods in Africa in exchange for gold, ivory and slaves. This "trade triangle" brought thousands of enslaved Africans to Virginia by the end of the 1600s. The temporary exhibit explains how the company was created, functioned, and eventually collapsed.

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