New Fossils Discovered at Colorado National Monument

dinosaur track
This three-toed dinosaur track was discovered by an employee in late September 2010 at Colorado National Monument. It is left to be determined whether the track was left by a plant or meat-eating dinosaur.

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Dinosaur Track

Michelle Wheatley, Chief of Interpretation, displays the three-toed dinosaur track during the unveiling on October 13, 2010.

Fossil Unveiling

It is possible the track was left by a plant-eating dinosaur similar to Othnielia, pictured above.

Sally Bellacqua


Turtle Tracks
This sandstone slab from the Morrison Formation contains several sets of turtle tracks. Paleontologists estimate that the tracks are 150 million years old. The tracks were discovered in 2005, and were recently recovered after breaking off a small cliff band.

Sally Bellacqua

Ancient Turtle Tracks

turtle exhibit
The "turtle trackway" will be housed in this temporary exhibit at the Visitor Center until December 31, 2010.

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Turtle Exhibit

lizard tracks
On a recent outing in Colorado National Monument Dr. John Foster, a paleontologist from Dinosaur Journey Museum in Fruita, CO, found these lizard tracks on a piece of sandstone from the Morrison Formation. This trackway is the first of its kind in the Morrison Formation.

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Latest Fossil Finding

Dr. John Foster showcases his latest discovery, a lizard trackway in sandstone from the Morrison Formation.

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Dr. John Foster

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