Pre and Post Worksheets

Pre/Post Packages for Field Trips
2nd Grade Habitats in Echo Canyon
3rd Grade Short Hikes & Activity Stations
3rd Grade Rock Cycle Ramble (Devils Kitchen)
3rd Grade Life Cycles (No Thoroughfare Canyon)
4th Grade Activity Stations and Short Hikes
4th Grade Discovering Fossils (Lower Monument Canyon)
4th Grade Habitats (Lower Monument Canyon)
5th Grade Earth Changes (No Thoroughfare Canyon)
6th Grade Exploring the Evidence

Landforms (3rd-5th Grade)
Weathering and Erosion (3rd-5th Grade)
Fossils (4th Grade)
Rocks and Grand Valley Landforms (3rd-5th Grade)
Constructive & Destructive Forces (6th Grade)
Flash Flood Videos

Desert Plants (3rd-5th Grade)
Pinyon-Juniper Forest (3rd-5th Grade)

Habitats (2nd Grade)
Animal Adaptations (3rd-5th Grade)

Human History
Ute History (3rd-4th Grade)
Western Colorado History (3rd-4th Grade)

National Park Service
Introduction to the NPS (1st-5th Grade)

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