Lesson Plan

Ciclo de Rocas

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Grade Level:
Third Grade-Fifth Grade
Geography, Geology
1 hour
Group Size:
Up to 36
National/State Standards:
GLE 3.1 Earth’s Materials can be broken down and/ or combined into different materials such as rocks, minerals, rock cycle, formations of soil, and sand‐ some of which are usable resources for human activity
geology, sandstone, sedimentary, Rock Cycle, weathering, erosion, metamorphic, igneous


This bilingual (Spanish/English) lesson plan walks students through the rock cycle focusing mainly on sedimentary rocks and weathering and erosion. Lesson designed by Teacher-Ranger-Teacher Carol Serrano Treider.


‐Students will be able to identify one or two ways that rocks can be broken down and/or combined

‐Students will be able to describe the rock cycle of the sandstone


Learning Target:
I can describe and draw the rock cycle of sedimentary rock. Puedo describir y dibujar el ciclo de la roca sedimentaria.

Inquiry Questions:
What is the rock cycle? ¿Qué es el ciclo de la roca? How are rocks formed? ¿Cómo se forman las rocas?


blind folds, lots of rock samples of all three types of rocks
12‐14 sandstone rocks
foldable ‐8 x 8 piece of paper
a frozen water bottle and a water bottle filled with the same amount of water at room temperature
pictures of weathering and erosion from monument if possible


Additional Resources

Geologic Formations in the Monument


sedimentary ‐ sedimentario
rock cycle‐ ciclo de la roca
erosion‐ erosion
weathering‐ (Desgaste de las rocas por la acción atmosférica)
cement‐ cimentar

Last updated: February 24, 2015