9th-12th Grades

Program Options:

Geophysical Science Option -
Geology in Monument Canyon (6 miles, 4 hours)

As they walk down through the time exploring the different rock layers in Monument Canyon students will discover the geologic history and processes that created this amazing landscape. This is a through hike in Monument Canyon (from the upper to the lower trailhead) with a bus shuttle.
Science 3.1 The history of the universe, solar system and Earth can be inferred from evidence left from past events.
Science 3.5 The interaction of Earth's surface with water, air, gravity, and biological activity causes physical and chemical changes

Zoology Option
Organisms in No Thoroughfare Canyon
(4 miles, 4 hours)

On this ranger-guided program students will identify and classify organisms throughout the canyon including microbes in seasonal pools of water.
Science 2.9 Evolution occurs as the heritable characteristics of populations change across generations and can lead populations to become better adapted to their environment

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