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CLG State Coordinators

State Certified Local Government (CLG) Coordinators are a key component to the Federal, State, and local preservation program. NPS works with State Coordinators to strengthen the program by maintaining the CLG contact database, certification of new communities, reporting on accomplishments, training, and evaluation of CLGs.

CLG Contact Information
Maintaining contact with State Coordinators and CLGs is important for dissemination of information. NPS created an online system to enable State Coordinators to update the contact information for their communities. The database is searchable by the public.

When a State Coordinator is ready to certify a new community the following documents must be submitted to NPS:
• a copy of the signed certification agreement,
• a complete checklist indicating that the community meets the requirements of the program.
• Additional documentation, like ordinance, commission bios, by-laws, are welcome but not required.

Once NPS recieves the certification request package we have 15 days to request additional information. The community is officially a CLG when NPS issues the certification letter, which it provides to the State and the local government. Please provide contact information for the local government with the certification request.

States are required to report on the activity of their CLG program as part of their annual reporting for the Historic Preservation Fund grant, including the number of CLGs certified, decertified, and evaluated each calendar year.

GPRA Reporting: A voluntary process, individual CLGs have the opportunity to help tell the broad story of preservation activity across the country.

NPS hosts State Coordinator Training bi-annually in conjunction with the National Alliance of Preservation Commission (NAPC)Forum Conference. NPS has also established a series of training modules which State Coordinators can use with local communities:

  • Section 106 Training
  • Sustainability
  • NAPC Forum
Have an idea for a new topic? Contact Megan Brown, Certified Local Government National Program Coordinator.

Monitoring the progress and track record of over 2,000 CLGs across the country is an important part of maintaining a successful program. NPS requires that States conduct a thorough evaluation of each CLG every 4years. For guidance on this please refer to Chapter 9 of the Historic Preservation Fund Grants Manual. Evaluation is an important step prior to a State moving to decertify an active CLG.