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Local Preservation

Why is Local Preservation Important?
Local preservation is the most powerful expression of a community’s history—a history that is felt, seen, and heard every day by its citizens and visitors. Preservation efforts help define the community’s identity and the way that people live in the community. Preservation ensures that the special places that tell the stories of a community’s past and present are used, revitalized, and carefully tended for the future. Well-planned and implemented local preservation work results in economic, social, and environmental benefits that can transform communities into more prosperous, healthier places to live, work, and grow.

NPS & Your Community: What is NPS role in assisting Local Preservation?
NPS provides information about preservation planning, heritage tourism development, training for local preservation commissions, historic resource surveys and technologies, documenting and designating local resources, and preservation laws, regulations, and standards.

The Historic Preservation Planning Program
How does local historic preservation happen? It all starts by identifying existing historic resources and determining how those resources relate to current community values and needs. Understanding both is critical to improving the condition of historic places and increasing livability within a community. The Historic Preservation Planning Program provides guidance about strategies that protect irreplaceable places using local planning tools—such as zoning, design review, GIS, and public engagement techniques—and best practices in resource stewardship.

The Certified Local Government Program: Connecting Federal, State, & Local Efforts
Currently there are 1,867 municipalities across the nation that are Certified Local Governments (CLGs), communities recognized by the NPSfor their commitment to historic preservation. This designation makes communities eligible for federal funding and focused assistance from their State Historic Preservation Office.

The National Park Service supports community historic preservation through a variety of outreach programs that include planning, grants, tax incentives, and technical assistance. Our assistance programs range from bricks-and-mortar funding, preservation planning, heritage tourism development, preservation commission support and training, National Register of Historic Places and National Historic Landmark designation, and resource documentation. Technical Preservation Services has a number of how-to guides and how preservation is part of a sustainability strategy.