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CLG Annual Reporting Forms

National Park Service Forms and Guidance for Annual Reporting on the Accomplishments of CLGs

The forms and guidance are provided below for completion of the Annual Products Report for CLGs. The National Park Service appreciates your voluntary assistance in collecting this information which helps NPS report on the achievements of the CLG program, meet the goals of Government Performance and Results Act, and provides useful data to help ensure continued funding for CLGs.

You have options! We have added a new method for collecting the information this year. The Baseline Questionnaire and the Annual Products Report are provided as both a Microsoft Word document and Google Form. It's your choice of which you prefer and we are happy to get responses in any form. It is our hope that the Google Form will cut down on redundant work and reduce the potential for errors in data entry so that we have more time to assist the you in other ways. If you use the paper form, please fax or mail forms to NPS according to the directions on the forms and guidance. If you choose to use the Google forms all you need to do is use the links here:

Please download the Baseline Questionnaire and Guidance if you have NOT completed one before or need to make corrections to a previously submitted report.

Once you have completed or previously submitted the Baseline Questionnaire, download the Annual Products Report and Guidance, complete, and submit.

Note: If your state coordinator has contacted you regarding this process, please follow their instructions. If you have not been contacted, then please follow the instructions provided on this website. A Baseline Questionnaire must be completed only if you have not done one previously or you need to make corrections to a previously submitted report.

State and CLG contact information is constantly changing. Please take a look at the listings for your State and inform your State CLG program coordinator of any necessary updates.