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Roll up banner display and U.S. flag on wall
One of four roll up banners on display at the park.  Scroll down to see all four displays.

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Colonel Young's Letters Home

This compelling new exhibition from the National Park Service, takes an up- close look at General Charles Young and the Buffalo Soldiers. This exhibition chronicles the life of Colonel Charles Young and the Buffalo Soldiers who are important African American figures that helped make the dream of careers in the military and Americas National Parks possible. These legendary heroes whose contributions are explored through videos, handouts, and captivating displays include over 40 historical images and primary documents from the National Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center located in Wilberforce, Ohio. The stories of these amazing soldiers have the power to resonate with today's young audiences making the past meaningful and exciting. This exhibition can be requested by the general public as part of the centennial celebration of the National Park Service and the sesquicentennial celebration of the Buffalo Soldiers becoming a separate group within the U.S. Army in 1866.

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4 Banners standing in front of a wall
The four roll-up banners of the traveling exhibition.

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Roll-Up Banner Displays

Get a closer look of each banner's text and images. Choose a banner below to see a larger, digital version. The banners listed below are in the order that they are seen in the image above from left to right.


Exhibition Package Contents

The exhibition itself is only a portion of what the National Park Service delivers. As a host of Colonel Young's Letters Home, you will receive the following resources to facilitate your presentation of these powerful stories.
  • Complete shipping, handling, and installation instructions.
  • Public relations support, including sample press release and advice on promoting the exhibition and hosting special events.
  • 200 Brochures to handout to audience.
  • Videos on Colonel Charles Young, West Point, and the Buffalo Soldiers.

Registration Requirements

Colonel Young's Letters Home has been designated moderate security and will be offered to institutions able to meet the following requirements. Key requirements are listed below.
  • Exhibit Space
    The exhibition must be displayed in a gallery, lounge area, classroom, resource center, or other appropriate indoor space allowing 6-8 feet of display space. An open mall, tent, or temporary building is not acceptable. The host institution will need to provide a table to display brochures/pamphlets accompanying reading material and a computer or monitor to show the videos on Colonel Charles Young, West Point, and the Buffalo Soldiers. This must be provided by the host.
  • Protection / Security
    The exhibition may not be left unguarded at any time while open to the public. Fire-protection systems that meet local ordinances are required. The exhibition must be locked and secure during closing hours. Alarm and or guards during night hours are preferred but not required.
  • Environmental Controls
    Direct sunlight must be eliminated to prevent fading of panels, photographs, and graphics. The exhibition area must be climate-controlled. Temperature, humidity and light controls are required for exhibition and storage areas.
  • Handling
    The handling of exhibit panels will be captured in the instructions that will accompany the exhibit.

Exhibition Specifications

  • Contents
    Large free standing units with graphic reproductions and text. The panels and graphics reveal over 40 historic artifacts about Colonel Charles Young and the Buffalo Soldiers.
  • Supplemental
    Banners & DVD's
  • Fees
    FedEx shipping fees per 3-week slot - shipping fee will vary based on locations
  • Size/Dimensions
    Height x Width: 79" x 331/2"
  • Cases
    4 banners (4 exhibit cases and 1 box of pamphlets/brochures, 3 videos)
  • Weight
    Each banner is 10 lbs, totaling 40 lbs. Box of handouts and A/V equipment is 8-10 lbs.
  • Category
    Military History & Culture
  • Security
    Moderate (Must be in an enclosed area)
  • Park Contact
    Andy Danneker - (937) 272-0023

Last updated: June 14, 2022

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