Lesson Plans & Teacher Guides

Lesson 1 "All the World is Watching Us": The Crisis at Little Rock Central High School, 1954-1957.
Lesson 2 Daisy Lee Gatson Bates
Lesson 3 "Great things happen in small places..." Government Authority and Civil Rights Activism in Arkansas (1954-1959)
Lesson 4 You're the Justice! A Landmark Case in Supreme Court History
Lesson 5 Teaching Empathy: The Story of Ruby Bridges
Lesson 6 Every Person Has a Story of Courage: The Little Rock Nine
Lesson 7 The Fourteenth Amendment
Lesson 8 Paul Laurence Dunbar High School

Lesson 9 Desegregation: Past, Present, and Future

Lesson 11 American Indians and the 14th Amendment

In Commermoration of the Civil War Sesquicentennial

Lesson 10 Civil War to Civil Rights

Lesson 12 Harriet Tubman: Women and the Civil War

2010 Constitution Day Activities - Click here to download activities and ideas for Constitution Day, September 17th.

Curriculum Guide Civil Rights Curriculum 1700-1900 (for Civics)

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