Additional Resources

The following is a list of additional resources to teach the 1957 desegregation crisis in Little Rock, Arkansas:

Choices in Little Rock curriculum by Facing History and Ourselves

Warrior's Dont Cry study guide by Facing History and Ourselves & Voices of Love and Freedom

Teaching Tolerance


Teaching with Historic Places, From Canterbury to Little Rock: The Struggle for Educational Equality for African Americans.

Teaching with Historic Places, New Kent School and the George W. Watkins School: From Freedom of Choice to Integration.

The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

Perma-Bound (several resources for using Warriors Don't Cry)

Interview of Melba Pattillo

Rethinking Schools


Relevant YouTube Videos:

Little Rock Central: 50 Years Later Clip

Interview of Ernest Green

Operation Arkansas and the 101st

Other Civil Rights topics:

Freedom Riders

Instructional Strategies:

Curating an exhibit


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