Commercial Filming and Photography Application

Application Process

Download the form(s) here: Short Form I Long Form

The National Park Service and Chiricahua National Monument require an application to be submitted for review of the project. The short form is to be used for still photography and some smaller video/film projects. The long form is to be used for more complicated video/film projects where more information is required to evaluate the application. The completed application must be submitted with $100.00. The $100.00 is a non-refundable application and administrative charge. This fee should be in the form of a certified check (paid to the National Park Service) or preferably a credit card. Do not include credit card information on the application.

Remember, you are dealing with a Federal government agency and we have guidelines and time lines we must follow when considering projects which involve potential impacts to our park resources. Provide as much lead time as possible. Up to two weeks may be required for administrative review of a complex proposed filming activity while smaller projects can generally be reviewed within three business days. Please allow adequate time for this review process as questions may arise that would delay a decision. Note that this timeline will not get you a completed permit.

Commercial Filming in Wilderness Areas

Over 86% of the park is designated wilderness and additional guidelines apply for commercial filming in wilderness areas.

All commercial filming in wilderness areas is subject to permitting requirements, and is limited to projects that are necessary and proper for providing educational information about wilderness uses, resources or values, or necessary for other wilderness purposes. Still photography is only subject to permitting requirements if it takes place in areas not open to the public, involves the use of models or props that are not part of the location’s existing setting, or requires NPS oversight. Based on the law, regulations, and NPS policy cited above, all commercial filming will be treated as a commercial service, but still photography is not considered a commercial service.

If you have questions regarding about whether your project meets these guidelines, contact the Special Use Permits office at 520-366-5515

If Your Application Is Approved

General liability insurance is required. This is an original certificate of insurance with a rider stating that the United States of America is named as additionally insured and must be provided to the park before the permit is issued and filming begins. Insurance amounts may vary depending on the complexity of the project as well as risks. The general bond schedule is:

· Personal liability: $300,000

· General commercial liability for video or film production companies: $1,000,000

· When using boats, employing stunts or other higher risk activities: between $2,000,000 to $5,000,000

Some projects may require a performance bond or cash deposit. The purpose of the bond is to insure that the natural area or historic feature is left in as good a condition as it was prior to the filming, and to cover any unpaid costs incurred as part of the project. Generally, bonds or deposits will be required in amounts at least equal to the estimated cost to the Government for cleanup and/or restoration that would be necessary if the permittee fails to perform the restoration process to the satisfaction of Chiricahua National Monument's personnel.

Location Fees

On August 22, 2013 the Department of the Interior published final regulations in the Federal Register on commercial filming, still photography and audio recording applying to the National Park Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Bureau of Land Management.

As of 2013 the following location fee schedule is in effect:

Motion Pictures/Videos

Commercial Still Photography

1-10 people


1-10 people


11-30 people


11-30 people


31-49 people


31-49 people


Over 50 people


*Wildlife photographers and videographers with crews consisting of 1-3 people will not be charged the location fee. Permitting and monitoring fees will still be applicable when required.

All filming permits issued by the National Park Service are "revocable" on 24-hours notice or without notice if the terms of the permit are violated. Deliberate infractions of terms contained in the filming permit or the deliberate making of false or misleading statements concerning intended actions in order to obtain a permit are causes for immediate termination of the permit and for possible prosecution. At Chiricahua National Monument: Permission is required; Forgiveness is NOT an option.

Please remember that this is a National Park Service site and we are protecting resources for generations to come. We take that responsibility seriously.

Government Property and Symbols

Government property, including the uniform, will not be used, loaned or rented to a film company, or diverted from its normal use, for filming purposes except as stated in 43 C.F.R. 20.735.15 - Rental of NPS equipment on a reimbursable basis pursuant to 16 U.S.C. 1
Government Symbols: Use of the NPS Arrowhead in titles, credits or other deliberate disclosures requires the permission of the NPS Director (36 C.F.R. 11.2 and Special Directive 93-7).

Special Directive 93-7 declares that use of the Arrowhead is controlled through law and regulation. Hence, under 36 C.F.R. 11.2, the Director may authorize the use of the Arrowhead "for uses that will contribute to the purposes of education and conservation as they relate to the program of the National Park Service." The NPS may actively assist filming and photography activities that promote public understanding and appreciation of the National Park Service, and the Director may authorize use of the arrowhead symbol for such filming projects. All other uses are prohibited, such as advertising, promotional or directly commercial purposes.

Incidental filming of the symbol which may include the shoulder patch of a uniformed employee, an NPS vehicle or an entrance or similar sign is not prohibited.

Last updated: September 18, 2017

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