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In order to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all of our visitors, Chickasaw National Recreation Area requires permits and in some cases fees for certain individual and group activities. The following information will assist you, but please check with the park for further information or with specific questions.

Photography/Filming Permit
Generally filming permits are required and are issued for photography, filming, and associated sound recording when they involve props, models, professional crews, and casts or set dressings. Permits are issued to ensure the protection of resources and to prevent significant disruption of normal visitor uses.

Boat Launching Permit
Daily and annual boat launch permits are required for use of the boat launches on the Lake of the Arbuckles.

Special Use Permits
Certain types of activities require a special use permit. These include many types of organized gatherings, distribution of printed material and other public expressions of opinion, and other activities that are controlled or prohibited.

Scientific Research and Collecting Permits
A Scientific Research and Collecting Permit is required for most scientific activities pertaining to natural resources or social science studies in National Park System areas that involve fieldwork, specimen collection, and/or have the potential to disturb resources or visitors. When permits are required for scientific activities pertaining solely to cultural resources, including archeology, ethnography, history, cultural museum objects, cultural landscapes, and historic and prehistoric structures, other permit procedures apply. You can apply for a Research Permit by going to

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Last updated: February 25, 2014

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