Black Sulphur Springs

Black Sulphur Spring pavilion
The neoclassically-styled Black Sulphur Spring Pavilion, built in 1929, is a rare survivor from the earliest years of the park.

NPS/Amy Trenkle


Spring Type: Mineral
Spring Status: Flowing; not presently available for drinking


A group of four sulphur springs bubbled up through the sandy beach along Rock Creek just before Travertine Creek joins the stream. Originally known as Beach Springs, because of their creek bank location, this group was first developed with lengths of red clay tile in 1926. Later, one of these springs acquired the name of Black Sulphur; another site known earlier as Black Sulphur Spring was located on the old cliffside trail and cannot be found today.

The waters of Black Sulphur Spring are heavily impregnated with Sulphur. This spring is located directly accross from Rock Creek and Flower Park and was dispensed from a small pavilion. The pavilion still stands; however, water is no longer piped to the pavilion or available for drinking due to unsanitary conditions.

Last updated: February 24, 2015

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