2005 Songwriter Festival

Songwriter Festival CD cover
Festival CD cover

Western National Parks Association

Recognizing that music has been and continues to be an integral part of the visitor experience at park, a songwriter festival and contest was staged at Bromide Pavilion in October 2005. Songwriters from three states wrote and performed original works that interpreted the natural and historic resources of the park and captured the essence of very personal and profound experiences unique to the setting. Many musicians returned in June of 2006 to perform their original works again at the park's Centennial Celebration.

A CD was produced from the live performance and a lyric booklet was written to accompany it. The CD is now a sales item at Travertine Nature Center and captures the spirit of the festival.


2005 Songwriter Festival — Celebrating 100 Years of Park History

  1. Ghosts of the Chickasaw — Brenda Darnell; Lone Grove, Oklahoma
  2. The Chickasaw Calls Me Home — Sylvia Urech and Lewis Case; Dallas, Texas
  3. Kay-Yah Chickasaw — Dawn Anita Plumlee; Duncan, Oklahoma
  4. Waters of the Chickasaw — David Johnson; Walter, Oklahoma
  5. Family Reunion — Alan Fazier; Sulphur, Oklahoma
  6. Healin' Waters — Denny Spradling; Ardmore, Oklahoma
  7. Memories of a Chickasaw National Park — Jean Crawford; Broken Bow, Oklahoma
  8. A Mother's Night Song — Preston Edgar; Sulphur, Oklahoma
  9. Chickasaw National Park — Steve Wooten; Dibble, Oklahoma
  10. CNRA I Think I'll Stay — Kent Dakour; Ardmore, Oklahoma
  11. Chickasaw Wind — Gerald Kahlen; Durant, Oklahoma
  12. Take Me Back — Debbie Henning; Bethany, Oklahoma
  13. Arbuckle Mountains Where I Was Born — Gary Fullerton; Davis, Oklahoma
  14. Heart and Soul — Lauren Lee and Sawyer Lee; Holdenville, Oklahoma
  15. Haven — Clark Townsend; Bethany, Oklahoma

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