Commercial Filming and Photography

Commercial still photography that is conducted in locations that are open to the public, does not include the use of any props, models, or sets, and involves the use of a camera and tripod only, does not require a permit.

Commercial filming (videography) of any kind requires a special use permit.

Commerical Filming and Photography Cost Recovery Information

Commercial Filming Directions

National Park Service policy requires that all commercial filming operations be managed through a special use permit (SUP). In addition to the non-refundable $50 application fee and $100 permit fee charged for all permits, a location fee is also required to be charged for commercial film permits. No fee waivers are permitted. For location fee purposes the number of people is the total number of people on site associated with filming activities.

Location Fee Schedule

Commercial Filming/Videography
1-2 People , Camera & Tripod Only $0 per day
1-10 People $150 per day
11-30 People $250 per day
31-49 People $500 per day
Over 50 people $750 per day
Commercial Still Photography
1-2 People, Camera & Tripod Only $0 per day
1-10 People $50 per day
11-30 People $150 per day
Over 30 people $250 per day

If through the application review process it is determined that park staff will be required to participate in or monitor filming activities, the permittee will be required to pay the monitoring costs associated with staff participation. Actual costs will be charged based on the salary of park staff involved. Depending on the complexity of filming activities, a performance bond and/or liability insurance may also be required.

Once an application is received, it normally takes a minimum of two weeks for a permit to be approved. Any issues identified during the review will be addressed and hopefully resolved, and a draft permit will be sent to you for your review. If the permit and associated conditions are acceptable, you would sign the permit and return it to the park along with the $100 permit fee and any estimated cost recovery charges. The superintendent would then approve the final permit, which would be sent to you to keep on hand on site during filming activities.

Download an application for commerical photography or videography.

Contact us for questions about the commericial photography or videography application process.

Last updated: September 28, 2018

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