River Flow Rate

The Chattahoochee River within the park is subject to scheduled water releases from Buford Dam and Morgan Falls Dam resulting in dramatic changes of the river flow rate. Inclement weather within the Chattahoochee River watershed will also result in unpredictable changes in the river flow rate. With a rapid increase of the river flow rate you can easily be swept off your feet while wading, pushed in to sweepers while boating, stranded on an island, or hanging on for dear life in challenging rapids. Then when the river flow rate drops you may find yourself carrying your boat over the rocks.


Buford Dam

Use the information in the chart below to help you plan your day on the river. The Water Travel Time From Dam column list the range of times in hours and minutes that you can expect the river flow rate to increase at that location. Click on a link in the table to view the current river flow rate for that location in cubic feet per second (cfs) and to see if it's increasing or decreasing.

Location on River

River Mile

Dist. From Dam

Water Travel Time From Dam (hh:mm)

Buford Dam



< 0:15

Ga. 20 Bridge



0:30 - 1:00

Settles Bridge



0:45 - 1:30

McGinnis Ferry



1:45 - 2:00

Rogers Bridge



2:30 - 3:15

Abbotts Bridge



3:15 - 4:30

Medlock Bridge



3:30 - 4:45

Jones Bridge



3:45 - 6:00

Garrard Landing



5:15 - 7:30

Island Ford



6:30 - 8:45

Ga. 400 Bridge



8:00 - 11:45


Call 770-945-1466, or toll free at 1-855-DAM-FLOW (1-855-326-3569), for the Buford Dam water release schedule or visit their Hydropower Generating Schedule website for release times and amounts for the current day. Use the chart above to determine the approximate time it will take for the water to arrive at your location. This chart covers the section of river from Buford Dam to the Ga. 400 bridge. Make sure you're in a safe place before the river flow rate increases and sweeps you away.


Morgan Falls Dam

Visit the Georgia Power's Chattahoochee Hydro Real-Time Operations website for the Morgan Falls Dam tentative water release schedule. Use the chart below to determine the approximate time it will take for the water to arrive at your location. This chart covers the section of the recreation area from Morgan Falls Dam to the U.S. 41 (Cobb Parkway/Northside Parkway) bridge. Make sure you are in a safe location when the river begins to rise.


Click on a link below to view the current river level for that location.



Morgan Falls Dam


Johnson Ferry North

45 minutes

Powers Island

3 hours

Paces Mill NO Public Takeouts Past This Landing!

4 hours

Last updated: February 5, 2019

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