Civil War Trading Cards from Chattahoochee River

Group of all 5 of the CRNRA Civil War Trading-Cards
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Did you know that "sesquicentennial" means "150th anniversary?" As in, 2014 is the sesquicentennial of the Battle of Atlanta!

The Chattahoochee River played an important role in the summer of 1864, as General William T. Sherman led the US Army on its march into Atlanta after the battle of Kennesaw Mountain. To teach visitors about these events, our park has developed 5 different trading cards. Each card shows a person, place, or event in the history of the Chattahoochee River during the Civil War.

Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area has produced five different Civil War trading cards, which are available from park rangers during certain programs, or at the Island Ford Visitor Center in Sandy Springs, Georgia. For each card, there is a "field investigation" activity and a "rainy day" activity. To obtain a particular card, visitors may complete either a field investigation or a rainy day activity. It is not necessary to complete both to get a card.

Field investigations are designed to encourage visitors to get out and explore areas of the park associated with the Civil War. Each field investigation has a particular educational activity associated with it, such as map making, photography, or drawing. After completing field investigations, visitors can bring their results to the visitoir center, where staff will verify their completion and hand out the corresponding trading card. In some cases, cards will also be available from park rangers leading particular programs, such as the Roswell Mill Tour or the Walk/Run with a Ranger at Interstate North or Sope Creek.

Rainy day activities provide visitors with an alternative educational activity that can be completed at the visitor center or at home in case of inclement weather or other circumstances that make a field investigation impractical. Park staff will assist visitors with educational materials and information to complete the activities. For mail-in activities, please send materials and inquiries to the following address:

Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area
Civil War Trading Cards c/o Ranger John Huth
1978 Island Ford Parkway
Sandy Springs, GA 30350

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