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sculpture of a tree or shrub-like form created with wood, wire, and other natural items

BorDNAndo…Una mirada a la frontera a través del Arte

BorDNAndo: A look at the border through Art is a sculptural exhibit composed of 22 pieces that represent a rescue of the individual person and society through the search for intrinsic values in spirituality and balance with our environment. The artist, Mirna Ajo, is a University of Texas El Paso student who has studied social science and several art disciplines. Through her exhibit, Mirna attempts to reflect the border as a territory delimited not by physical walls as much as mental ones caused by a present culture of fear and violence. She suggests that art can be a means of resistance to that type of culture and, in fact, be a unifying element among individuals who share the goal of living in harmony.

The pieces created for “BorDNAndo” invite reflection on balance of spirit and nature through natural elements such as tumbleweeds, creosote, pines, and mulberry trees. Meanwhile, the metal, wire, and wood in the sculptures represent the unique sense of strength found in the inhabitants of “Paso del Norte.”

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