La Reunión de los Zanni


In La Reunión de los Zanni, Señor Pantalone, who is a cloth merchant, faces a crisis. No one wants to buy his merchandise anymore. In such circumstances, he has to deal with his daughter’s impending nuptials. The context of the play is a comedy in which the characters go about as normal until a new character bursts onto the scene causing them each to face their personal fears and ghosts. La Reunión de los Zanni is commedia dell’arte in its purest form: behind what appears to be a devilishly fast-paced baroque comedy there is an absolute renewal of the genre, the father (or perhaps grandfather) of modern drama. The piece is not just modernized; it also manages to weave a fine web of criticism about modern society which will not leave the viewer indifferent.

This performance was awarded three Premios Réplica 2011 (awards for best costumes, best actress, and best director) from the Canary Islands’ Association of Performing Arts Companies. In the Noctivagos 2012 festival in Oropesa, Toledo, it won the best performance award and an honorable mention for best actor. With this production, Reymala puts a new spin on the theatrical conflicts between masters and servants, demonstrating in a fresh, elegant and humorous way that the disputes of the past, when seen through a modern lens, are the same as the ones today.


Reymala began in 2008 with the objective of conveying the essence of theater to the public and broadening it with variety of theatrical genres including some of the styles used by the company: commedia dell’arte, classical theater, jestering and clowning. The company has made its presence known in the world of theater with performances such as La Reunión de los Zanni, Noche de Bufones, Las Bodas del Capitán, Clowneando and Stronger in more than ten local, national and international festivals including the Festival de Teatro Clásico de Almagro and the Festival del Siglo de Oro de Almería among others.

Furthermore, Reymala has earned eight awards in only eight years with several of their productions and were nominated for a Premios Max Best Newcomer award with Noche de Bufones. Daniel Tapia and Miguel Ángel Batista, the founders of the company, are graduates in Dramatic Arts, have postgraduate degrees in Cultural Management, and have completed specialization programs. They have also developed a project for building audiences with whom they promote the content of the plays and a love for performing arts through the theatrical genres. This project is a novel endeavor which encompasses the knowledge and experience of theater as much as the performances themselves.

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