¿Qué con Quique Quinto?


In this adaptation we will meet Ariel, Foca and Zote who navigate in the Nautilius Cabaret, taking drama with them to tell stories as they travel through the world of imagination. From among the hundreds of stories they carry, they will tell us in their own special way today the story of Henry V, or “Quique” as he is known to his close friends. Quique reigns over the Kingdom of the Children Everyone Ignores which confronts the Kingdom of Censorship. When Quique is questioned because of his youth and for dodging the problems of his kingdom, he must arm himself with courage to face his problems.

The show is full of laughs, wonderful characters, and live music. Just a couple of actors and a musician create a whole world of fun. It won an honorable mention in the Children’s Baroque competition at the Festival Internacional de Teatro Clásico de Almagro 2016 in Spain. In the company of talking dolls, babies drinking chocolate and crows throwing tennis balls, we will find ourselves asking, “y qué con Quique Quinto?”

Las Compañías

Two Mexican theater companies have joined forces to create a performance which combines the essence of each of them. This union gave rise to the production of ¿Qué con Quique Quinto? (What’s With Henry V?), a show for the whole family. It is written and directed by Andrés Carreño and is loosely based on the Shakespearean classic Henry V.

The theater companies coming together to create this production are EFE Tres Teatro and Cabaret Misterio. EFE Tres was founded in 2013 with the goal of taking classic texts and giving them a contemporary interpretation. Inspiration by the Spanish baroque ñaque style of theater led them to their first performance project, El Príncipe Ynocente, which saw great success both within and outside of Mexico. In 2016, they also co-produced the inaugural edition of the Festival Internacional de Teatro Clásico MX in Mexico City.

Cabaret Misterio, with more than 14 years of experience, stands out as one of the first companies to create cabaret theater productions for children as well as adults. The company’s hallmark is their use of original work, live music, and an essential ingredient: humor. The company operates from the perspective of inclusion, seeking to make the performance an exercise in real communication with the audience and a tool for social commentary that makes us question the reality in which we live.

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