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Ballet Folklorico dancers
Ballet Folklorico is one of the popular events that we host.


Chamizal National Memorial Indoor Theater

What We Offer You

· Stage Manager for all shows
· Limited selection of gobos for lighting designs
· Lighting design, lighting hang/focus, light board operator
· Sound design, sound board operator
· House Manager for all shows

· Stage: Modified thrust
· Grid lighting system, NO fly system
· Backstage areas (space capacity rules apply)
· 477 seats in house, including areas for up to 12 persons with disabilities
· Visitor Center Lobby (opens one hour prior to show start time)
· Loading dock
· Green Room, 2 dressing rooms, Spanish Garden

You must supply:
· Stage crew
· Ushers / Box Office
· Change, if sales have been authorized
· Follow Spot operators (if applicable)
· Make-up crew, costuming, etc.
· Laptop computer if doing a PowerPoint presentation

(You are responsible for following all rules and regulations. Click here for a downloadable list of Theater Rules and Usher Standards.)

For more information on obtaining a Special Use Permit, visit our Fees and Reservations page. Every performance or special event needs a Special Use Permit prior to using the facilities.

Contact Us!

· The theater and the tech office are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays
· Please contact us immediately if you need to make any changes to your rehearsals and/or performances
· Don't speak tech? We're happy to answer any and all questions you may have about our capabilities, facilities, rules, regulations, and much more!

Theater Staff phone extensions and emails:

Main phone number: 915-532-7273

· Arturo Garcia, x115, e-mail us

· Kristi Harben, x122, e-mail us

· Greg Lawson, x123, e-mail us

· Chief of Theater Division, Jerry Flood, x105, e-mail us

Last updated: February 24, 2015

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