Southwest Astronomy Festival: Get Involved

Man with beard sitting at desk with sign saying "SW astronomy festival" in background.
Southwest Astronomy Festival Volunteer.

Volunteer Your Time

For many events, we simply need more hands. Setting up and tearing down for events can be a long process, but it gets easier the more people help out. What did volunteers do during the first Southwest Astronomy Festival?

  • Hang posters.

  • Hand out brochures to local organizations.

  • Translate brochures into Spanish.

  • Run workshops.

  • Set up and take down signs, telescopes, and other equipment.

  • Make the first Southwest Astronomy Festival possible!

There are so many moving parts for an event this large that it would not be possible to run if it weren’t for the amazing people willing to give their time and effort.

Group of people setting up and looking through three telescopes during the day.
Group of people getting ready to look at the sun through filtered telescopes.

NPS photo by Jim Hill

Volunteer Your Equipment

Are you an obsessive backyard astronomer with a ridiculously large telescope? Or even a moderate telescope? Perhaps you have a solar telescope? Are you willing to share it with a thousand people? If so, please e-mail us if you would would like to help out at one of our star parties/solar parties!

Lady with night sky art behind her.
Astronomy art in the library.

Art and Astronomy

Last festival season we displayed astrophotographers’ works around town. We would like to do it again. If you are a night sky photographer, astrophotographers, or have astronomy inspired art (that is your own work) you would like to share with the community, please contact us. Please note that we cannot mount work, and all displays should be in a condition to take to a venue and hang.


Some events are more popular/easier to access than others, and that means that we may get a hundred people offering to volunteer at one event, and one person at another event. If you email us and ask to volunteer for a specific event, we may ask you to volunteer at a different event. If you can’t, we understand, and we would never want to discourage volunteering – sometimes we are just full up on volunteers! We appreciate each and every offer to volunteer. We could not do this without you.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Southwest Astronomy Festival, please email us!

Last updated: August 9, 2018

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