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Section with photos of the Cedar Breaks Brochure

Cedar Breaks National Monument Unigrid Brochure

This is the official Unigrid brochure for Cedar Breaks National Monument. It includes a park map, and basic information about the campground, facilities and visitor activities in the park.
Small image of the front page of Cedar Breaks Visitors Guide

2018 Cedar Breaks Summer Visitors Guide

Information not found in our park map is here! Find details about our trails, ranger programs, camping, the surrounding area and more. This is useful for people planning a trip to the park and the surrounding area.

Ranger showing information to a child and her mother.

Junior Ranger Booklet

Download our Junior Ranger Booklet and print at home! You can complete and then mail to Cedar Breaks, or visit us in person to earn your Junior Ranger Badge! Make sure to include your name and mailing address and we will send you back the signed certificate, booklet and a Cedar Breaks junior ranger badge!

Illustration of Cedar Breaks Geologic layers

Geology Handout

A brief overview of how the formations of Cedar Breaks were created. This handout covers the different geologic processes that built up and then eroded the stone into what you see today.

Spruce tree stand with many dead trees.

Spruce Bark Beetle Handout

As you travel up the mountain and throughout the Monument, you will notice many dead spruce trees. This brochure offers you an explanation for why so many trees have died in recent history.

Clipping of Winter visitor guide, page 1.

Cedar Breaks Winter Visitor Guide

Visiting Cedar Breaks during the winter? Check out our Winter Visitor Guide. Get information on how to best access the park, snowmobile regulations, winter skiing and snowshoeing in the park and more!

Last updated: December 7, 2018

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