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Cedar Breaks National Monument is home to many beautiful settings that are ideal for workshops, tours, guided hikes and more. If you are receiving monetary gain by providing these services, you MUST have a Commercial Use Authorization (CUA). CAU’s are only issued after the National Park Service determines that the Commercial Use involved will not impair park values and resources. All Commercial Uses of the park require the submission of an application and fee at least three weeks in advance. If you are unsure if your business requires a CUA please contact us.

What is a Commercial Use Authorization?

A Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) is a business permit with the National Park Service. It authorizes you to conduct commercial activities and to provide specific visitor services within a national park. We will only issue CUA for activities that:

  • are an appropriate use of Cedar Breaks National Monument;

  • will have minimal impact on park's resources and values; and

  • are consistent with the park’s purpose, management plans, policies, and regulations.

You must have a CUAs if you or your organization provides services that:

  • take place at least in part in Cedar Breaks National Monument,

  • use park resources, and

  • results in monetary gain.

You may not conduct commercial activities in the park without a valid CUA or in a manner inconsistent with the terms of the CUA. You must carry a complete copy of your Commercial Use Authorization with you at all times while operating in the park and show the CUA at the entrance station fee booth.

How to Apply For Commercial Use Authorization

Step 1: Before starting the CUA application process, please read the
2019 Cedar Breaks National Monument CUA Application Letter

Step 2:

Download, Read & Fill Out the 2019 Cedar Breaks Commercial Use Application Form
2019 Commercial Use Application & Instructions - PDF

Cedar Breaks only accepts CUA applications for the following commercial activities. Please click on the links below to download the customized Operational Plans for commercial activities you would like to conduct in the park.

Step 3: Pay the fee applicable to your application electronically through Zion National Parks account. (Processing fees begin at $200. Details are found within the application paperwork.) Please make a note at the bottom of the forms that fees paid are for Cedar Breaks National Monument.

Step 4:e-mail us the completed application forms. Phone inquiries can be directed to (435) 772-0231.

Step 5: If your request is approved, a permit containing applicable terms and conditions will be sent you. The permit must be signed by the responsible person and returned to the park for final approval by the Park Superintendent before the permitted activity begins.

Step 6: Download the Annual Report Form for the year your Commercial Use took place.

* You will need to fill out and submit this form within the year of each Commercial Use Authorization Permit held.

New Requirements for Commercial Road Based Tours (RBT)

  • Commercial Road-based Tours:
  • The original deadline of Oct 1, 2019 requiring a CUA for all commercial tours has been DELAYED.
  • Instead: The National Park Service (NPS) will require all Road-based Tour companies to acquire a Road-based Tour CUA beginning April 1, 2020. Cedar Breaks National Monument (via our partner park Zion NP) is in the process of developing this CUA. If you would like to join our mailing list for updates regarding Road-based Tour CUA and be notified when the Road-based Tour CUA application package is released, please use this link to provide your contact information.
  • Road Based Tours (RBT) will be REQUIRED to have a commercial use permit for Cedar Breaks and every other NPS unit in which they operate beginning April 1, 2020.
  • Until March 31, 2020 road-based commercial tours operators will NOT need a CUA, but must pay $7.00/passenger (2019) or $10.00/passenger (2010) - not including guides and driver - upon arrival at Cedar Breaks National Monument.

CAU Application Fee

Road-based commercial tour operators will pay an annual $300 non-refundable CUA application fee for each submitted CUA application. All Commercial Uses of the park require the submission of an application and fee at least three weeks in advance. The responsibility for obtaining a road-based commercial tour CUA will fall on the company that packaged, priced, and sold the tour. 100% of collected CUA application fees stay within the collecting park.

Commercial Tour Entrance Fees

In addition to the CUA application fee, tour operators must pay $7.00 per passenger (not including guides and driver) upon each visit to Cedar Breaks. (Valid for seven days.)
*This fee increases to $10.00 per passenger, January 1, 2020.

Download a complete spreadsheet of 2019-2020 park-specific RBT entrance fees.
For more information about these changes, please visit the NPS web-page featuring Commercial Use Authorizations.

Last updated: August 26, 2019

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