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December 20, 2012

Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historical Park

Federal Advisory Commission Meeting

December 20, 2012

Strasburg Town Hall

Strasburg, Virginia

  1. General Introductions
  1. Graphic Identity Standards and Park Signage
  1. Cedar Creek and Belle Grove NHP and Shenandoah NP Realignment
  1. Visitor Contact Station
  1. Unigrid Brochure, Cedar Creek and Belle Grove NHP
  1. Old Business
  1. New Business

Meeting Notes

Commission members in attendance: Diann Jacox, Designated Federal Official (DFO); John Adamson, Belle Grove, Inc.; Mary Bowser, private landowner; Patrick Farris, Warren County and chair; Stanley M. Hirschberg, Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation; Rob Nieweg, National Trust for Historic Preservation; Nicholas Picerno, Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation; Rick Redmond, Strasburg; and Pam Sheets, Shenandoah County

Commission members absent: Jeanne Frink, Commonwealth of Virginia; Eric Lawrence, Frederick County;

Others in attendance: Matt Armstrong, Winchester Star; Eric Campbell, NPS; John Christiansen, Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation; Bob Clark, HFC, NPS; Paul Coussan, Civil War Trust; Michael Dennis, Dennis Konetzka Design Group; Kate Donahue, USFS; Pam Goddard, NPCA; Bob Grogg, NPS volunteer; Terry Heder, Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation; Elizabeth McClung, Belle Grove, Inc.; Dave Stegmaier, District Office, U.S. Representative Frank Wolf; Gay Vietzke, Deputy Regional Director, Northeast Region, NPS; Sally Voth, Northern Virginia Daily; Hank Zimmerman, Shenandoah Valley; Denman Zirkle, Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation

Chair Patrick Farris opened the meeting at 8:35 a.m. Farris asked that everyone present give their name and affiliation.

Michael Dennis, one of the two principals of the design firm Dennis Konetzka Design Group, reported on the progress being made on the contract for graphic identity standards and park signage. He began by saying that the work on the contract is not tied to FAC meeting schedule, and that commission members should get their comments to Eric no later than January 18, 2013 so that the design firm could proceed with the work. Farris told Eric Campbell that he would be willing to work with him to compile the comments from the members.

He also talked about the realities of working with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), about their preference for Clearview rather than NPS Rawlinson as a type face. A relationship must be built with VDOT and the details worked out; this aspect of the work is not a part of the current contract. Costs will be developed for the various options before the next meeting. He also explained that the plan as presented today, is not a menu to pick and choose from, but is instead a document from which to come to consensus. All will have to look at the options and decide if the signs are doing for the individual organizations what is needed. Dennis then presented the proposal explaining why certain things had been done. He suggested to that if consensus could not be arrived at on all aspects that those particular items be set aside and priorities be developed for those signs that go could into the ground first.

Gay Vietzke talked briefly about the realignment. She said that the Northeast Region was taking advantage of the imminent retirement of the superintendents at Cedar Creek and Shenandoah to take a hard look at how both parks were managed and to see what efficiencies could be realized by a realignment. She stated that the regional office is committed to supporting Cedar Creek, but they also must deal with current political and budgetary realities. The region believes that redefining the two parks will result in many benefits. Dealing with the partners and the present realities requires skills in political maneuvering.

Vietzke said that she wished to hear from the partners and the commission members; she was at the meeting to listen.

The members spoke of their concerns.

Stan Hirschberg: This proposed realignment is a step backwards. This job is a bit like herding cats, and there must be someone present who can do that.

Mary Bowser: Historically Shenandoah NP is not well perceived in the Valley (in the way the land for the park was acquired in the 1930s). Slowly people have come to realize that Cedar Creek is a different kind of park; the staff has worked to change perceptions and seems to have been successful. Do not jeopardize this achievement.

Patrick Farris: This is the wrong idea, the wrong place, and the wrong time. The park is at a critical stage and cannot be subsumed into another park while in this early stage of development. The park has no parallels with Shenandoah. We must consider that this is a partnership and that land can be owned in a variety of ways. Private property owners’ needs and concerns need to have a connection to this park. The sense of locality and independence are very important. We cannot alienate local people.

Nick Picerno: By lowering the grade for the position you are limiting the applicant pool. A unique person is needed for this job.

Rick Redmond: An applicant at this grad will not have enough experience.

John Adamson: Asking for our advice afterwards and not responding to our letters shows us dysfunction in the NPS regional office.

Gay Vietzke: I saw no letters come to the regional office.

Patrick Farris: The Commission has not been aware of these decisions and needs to be informed.

Rob Nieweg: The process is flawed, and it must be halted and slowed. We do not know what the situation is.

In further discussion the commissioners decided that it would be best to create a resolution and vote on it. Accordingly: The Federal Advisory Commission asks that this process be put on hold until the Commission can consult with the NPS on the decision to make these organizational changes. This is a partnership park and when partners are not consulted trouble results. This situation shows how different this park is, and when the Commission is not consulted things go wrong.

The motion was seconded by Stan Hirschberg. All commissioners voted yes. Diann Jacox abstained. Patrick Farris said that he would email Gay Vietzke some possible meeting dates in the first or second week of February.

Eric Campbell reported that the panels for the visitor contact station are going into production in January or February. No hours of operation have yet been set. The park is looking for volunteers and will not take any volunteers currently working for the partners. There will be a grand opening. Rob Nieweg asked that the commissioners get monthly updates on the contact station until it is opened.

The new park folder is in draft form and comments are due to Eric Campbell by January 18, 2013. Campbell said that the folder should be printed by sometime this coming summer.

Patrick Farris read the item in the Congressional Record that Representative Frank Wolf had written about Superintendent Diann Jacox on the occasion of her retirement. Everyone at the meeting stood and applauded her after the statement was read.

Gay Vietzke present a beautiful clear acrylic arrowhead to Jacox on the occasion of her retirement.

There was no old or new business.

The next meeting will be March 21, 2013, at the Middletown Town Hall at 8:30 a.m.

Chair Patrick Farris adjourned the meeting at 11 a.m.



September 20, 2012

Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historical Park

Federal Advisory Commission Meeting

September 20, 2012

Warren County Government Center

Front Royal, Virginia

  1. General Introductions
  2. Review of Meeting Notes from June 21, 2012
  3. Updates on current projects:
  • Visitor Contact Station
  • Signage
  1. Old Business
  2. New Business

Meeting Notes

Commission members: Diann Jacox, Designated Federal Official (DFO); John Adamson, Belle Grove; Mary Bowser, private landowner; Patrick Farris, Warren County and chair; Jeanne Frink, Commonwealth of Virginia; Stanley M. Hirschberg, Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation; Eric Lawrence, Frederick County; Nick Picerno, Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation; Rob Nieweg, National Trust for Historic Preservation; and Rick Redmond, town of Strasburg; Pam Sheets, Shenandoah County.

Others in attendance: Eric Campbell, NPS; John Christiansen, Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation; Sarah Mauck, town of Strasburg; Elizabeth McClung, Belle Grove; and Dave Stegmaier, District Office, U.S. Representative Frank Wolf.

The meeting was called to order by Chair Patrick Farris. He asked everyone present to introduce themselves

Eric Campbell gave a brief update on the progress of the park’s Interim Visitor Contact Station, the Interpretive Exhibits project, and the Unigrid brochure project.


A space has been leased at 7712 Main Street in Middletown. Contract was awarded for renovation work to ready space for public use. This work includes new paint, carpet, ceiling tile repair/replacement and some plumbing. Work will be completed by end of 2012. Park staff will occupy this space at that time. Volunteers will be recruited and trained over the winter for staffing facility. Eric is currently working on creating an NPS sign for “Middletown Courts” road sign.

Interpretive Exhibits Project

  1. project progress through spring, 2012. Comments from Key Partners, NER Interpretive Team, and park on the last project submittal (April 2012) given to contractor. Panel subjects were restructured and narrative will be more engaging. Project has taken a new direction for design, along with a new schedule. Next submittal expected in the fall, which will be distributed to the Key Partners for review. Tentative schedule has panels to be installed in spring 2013.

Unigrid brochure

HFC produced park’s starter brochure in 2004. Park is now in early stages of designing a new NPS brochure. Unigrids are produced at HFC, not at the park level. HFC is creating a family of SQ related publications and they agreed to complete a new CEBE brochure as part of that initiative. New brochure will be consistent with other NPS unigrid brochures and publications. Park expects the preliminary layout in or around December FAC meeting. The plan is to provide Key Partners and FAC this draft layout for review and comments. Tentative schedule –brochure will be completed by summer 2013 or well in advance of park SQ in 2014.

Robert Nieweg asked if the IVCS will be open to the public before the exhibits are finished and installed. Campbell replied that the new location will become the park’s public space, and 7718 ½ Main Street office will close.

Graphic Design Standards Project

Diann Jacox introduced Michael Konetzka and Michael Dennis of Dennis Konetzka Design Group, contractor for the park’s new graphic standards project, and Phil Musselwhite (HFC). Diann briefly explained the project and stated that it is for design only, as there is currently no money for sign implementation. The project is designed to create a uniform identity and graphics for future signs.

Reviewed DKDG’s long history of previous NPS work in graphics and identity. Most recently this involved creating graphic standards for NPS partnership parks. CEBE will be a test case for those new standards.

Phil Musselwhite spoke about the project creating a strategy for identifying CEBE as an NPS site, along with the Key Partners’ role in that park, and with identifying the number and type of signs needed for necessary for the facilities that are currently open to the public. He also reviewed DKDG’s previous work in redesigning NPS graphic identity standards and how those standards can be applied to NPS partners. Musselwhite shared graphic examples of the NPS redesign done by DKDG. He stressed that no two partnership parks are alike. The purpose of the meeting today is to outline an approach to the project and a schedule, along with understanding the Key Partner needs and purposes.

Phil mentioned the creating of a interim signage plan and the understanding that the Key Partners want signs on the ground as soon as possible. He stressed that CEBE will deal with the creation of a parkwide comprehensive sign plan when the park is ready to have one. He stated the next project milestone will be the December 20, 2012, FAC meeting, which will identify a draft strategy. The final plan will be due by the May 2013 FAC meeting.

Michael Dennis introduced himself and provided a brief background of his previous work with the NPS. This includes 11 years of work on a variety of programs and parks to implement the graphic standards created by DKDG. The creation of partnership parks necessitated the creation of new standards. Those standards strive to make each partnership park appear as a cohesive unit made up of various agencies. He is looking forward to working on this project and is already somewhat familiar with this park.

Michael Konetzka) introduced himself and stressed that there are three basic areas where the park and the partners graphic identify meet

  1. NPS-produced items
  2. Partner-produced materials
  3. Concessions/advertisements (business aspect area of park related items)

He will make sure that the role of each organization is properly understood and laid out through this project.

Michael Dennis stated that park will request logos and other graphic identity standard materials from all of the Key Partners. Based on this material, DKDG will have a draft layout by the December FAC meeting. All logo and graphics collection will be handled through Eric Campbell.

Patrick Farris stated that all three counties and the two communities will provide logos as well, although some may require permission to use.

There were questions from some of the commission members on the project schedule, specifically as to when the draft plan will be available to show to each Key Partner board of directors, and when DKDG will ask for feedback and comment. Phil Musselwhite answered that the draft layout will be available for the December FAC meeting, material will be made available to show to their respective boards, and the contractor will ask for review and comments following that submittal and after the May 2013 FAC meeting.

Michael Dennis stressed that the presentation of the draft design plan will probably require more time than the normal three-hour FAC meeting. He also stated that the review by the Key Partners board of directors will request input and thus will be much more than a Yes or No on the draft layout.

Robert Nieweg asked if the final graphic plan will require an official agreement and if it will include cost estimates and sign specifications. Diann Jacox answered that an official agreement would not necessarily be required. Once the final plan is accepted, it will really be up to each Key Partner to decide whether to adopt the new plan. The project SOW does not include cost estimates. Sign cost estimates and specifications come from HFC signage program coordinator, Bob Clark. Diann has made that request but has not yet received a reply. She also stated she understood the need for the interim sign plan to be economical, given the current state of the park. Michael Dennis stated that he is confident Bob Clark will provide that information.

A discussion the interim sign plan and how it will relate to a comprehensive signage plan, once the park qualifies for one, followed. Any comprehensive plan will incorporate the interim plan design. Phil Musselwhite stated that he will make sure Bob Clark will be involved in the creation of the interim sign plan.

Discussion concerning the types of signs that will be a part of the interim sign plan. Phil Musselwhite stated it would include I-81 signs and secondary road signs to the IVCS. Any interstate signs will be subject of VDOT regulations. Other signs may be guided by county or township regulations.

FAC Meeting Minutes

March meeting minutes approved.

June meeting minutes discussed. Subject of attaching the SOW for the Belle Grove/National Trust sign project to the minutes discussed and approved. June minutes approved.

FAC Members Contact Information

Diann discussed the subject of collecting the contact information from all of the FAC members and what that information would be used for. Several requests for that information have been made, and Diann was not comfortable with releasing that information without the permission of the FAC members. Diann requested that the commission members fill out a form that will contain only the information they wished released for similar requests in the future. None of the information will be made public (such as websites, etc.)

Old Business

Rob Nieweg introduced the idea of planning an event for the opening of the IVCS. Discussion involved a ribbon-cutting event when the exhibits have been installed (spring 2013) versus a “soft opening” at the end of the year when the staff moves in to that space. Also discussed was the possibility of having an event held just for the private property owners within the park boundary. Another idea was announcing the graphic standards project during this IVCS opening event (to advertise the project and possibility begin fund-raising for implementation of new graphic standards). Also could be used to advertise the Key Partner sites and to encourage visitation to those sites. FAC agreed the IVCS opening was an event worth planning and holding, as a way to advertise the park’s progress and to begin to gain local support for the park.

New Business

Diann announced the park’s application for a RTCA trail planning project was submitted. She thanked all of the Key Partners who submitted letters of support for the project. She is hopeful the application will be approved, and that planning can begin next spring. This project will not be a full trail plan, but will involve facilitated discussions with the Key Partners on the development of trails.

Diann announced her impending retirement, effective January 3, 2013, and her return to Philadelphia. The commission members congratulated her and thanked her and for all of the hard work and effort she has made for the park. It is unknown at this time when the announcement will be issued for Diann’s replacement.

The next meeting will be held December 20, 2012, at the Strasburg Town Hall.

Patrick Farris adjourned the meeting at 9:46 a.m.



Meeting Schedule for 2012–2-13

Meeting Notes from June 21, 2012

June 21, 2012

Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historical Park
Federal Advisory Commission Meeting
June 21, 2012
Middletown Town Hall Council Chambers
Middletown, Virginia

I) General Introductions

II) Review of Meeting Notes from March 15, 2012

III) Discussions continued from March 15, 2012, meeting: Visitor Contact Station

IV) Meeting Schedule: 2012–2013

V) Old Business

VI) New Business

Meeting Notes
Commission members in attendance: Diann Jacox, Designated Federal Official (DFO); Carl Bernhards, town of Middletown; Stanley M. Hirschberg, Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation; Eric Lawrence, Frederick County; Nick Picerno, Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation; Rob Nieweg, National Trust for Historic Preservation; and Rick Redmond, town of Strasburg

Commission members absent: John Adamson, Belle Grove; Mary Bowser, private landowner; Patrick Farris, Warren County and chair; Jeanne Frink, Commonwealth of Virginia; Pam Sheets, Shenandoah County

Others in attendance: Eric Campbell, NPS; John Christiansen, Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation; Bob Grogg, NPS volunteer; Gerry Roberts Gunn, private citizen; Paul Martenson, intern with U.S.Representative Frank Wolf; Sarah Mauck, town of Strasburg; Elizabeth McClung, Belle Grove; and Dave Stegmaier, District Office, U.S. Representative Frank Wolf.

In the absence of Chair Patrick Farris, the meeting was called to order by Superintendent Diann Jacox at 8:33 a.m. Jacox introduced the new town of Strasburg representative, Rick Redmon; he replaces Sarah Mauck. General introductions were made by members and all others present.

In the absence of a quorum the approval or amendment of the meeting notes was put off until the next commission meeting.

Eric Campbell reported on both the state of the exhibits and the leasing of a 2,000-square-foot space for the interim visitor contact station (VCS). The Space Management Office in Washington, D.C., is working on the terms of the lease and when negotiations are complete the location will be announced. No information can be provided until all aspects of the lease arrangements are completed and the document signed by the parties.

The exhibits have been underway since late winter, with the interim interpretive plan on which all key partners worked and approved, serving as the basic direction for the contractor. The draft plan from the contractor was lacking in direction and content, nor was it compelling or focused. Reworking based on comments from the park staff, from the key partners, and from the regional interpretation office means that the schedule will be adjusted. Right now the park is aiming at installation in late winter or early spring 2013. The lease on the space will be for two years with three, one-year options for renewal—a total of five years at the maximum. The thinking is that the exhibits will take up 1,000 to 1,200 square feet of space with the remainder being used for restrooms, office space, and an area where school groups or bus tours can be accommodated.

It was the sense of the commission members present that the schedule should be as aggressive as possible, so that the VCS could be opened this year if possible to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the park’s establishment in December 2002. All felt, too, that it would be good to have Representative Frank Wolf attend the opening of the VCS.

Rob Nieweg reported on the contract that the National Trust and Belle Grove, Inc., proposed to initiate with Frazier and Associates. The aim is to (1) understand the signage needs and brand identity and (2) propose specific signs that will move visitors off the highways to the individual sites. Of the $10,000 total estimated for the project, the National Trust has put up $5,000. At present the contract is on hold because the NPS is pursuing a contract with Dennis, Konetzka Design Group. This contract seeks to draft guidelines about how the NPS and the partners would work with one another on signage and branding. They will look at partners’ logos and signage needs. The goal is to come up with an approach that
will create a family look rather than six different approaches to the common problem. Admittedly this is a difficult undertaking, but it is one that must be done. The deadline for getting contracts into the acquisition offices was June 15, 2012, and that deadline was met.

This contract cannot include specifications and cost estimates—that is beyond the scope of work and the present resources of the park. The park and partners will also need to work closely with VDOT, which has very strict regulations about signs that would be mounted in the department’s right-of-way.

John Christiansen spoke about the Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation’s and the Town of Strasburg’s wish to have signs for their facilities on both the northbound and southbound lanes of I-81. The price for these signs given to them by VDOT is in the $50,000 to $60,000 range. In addition, they are required to sign an annual maintenance contract with VDOT’s vendor.

Rob Nieweg reflected that what is missing from these proposals is an introductory plan that would get something off the shelf and installed on land owned by one of the partners.

Jacox stated that she heard everyone’s frustration and noted that she shared those feelings as well. She would see what she could do. It all comes down to a competition for dollars, currently there are no dollars available for sign fabrication and installation.

Everyone agreed that the 150th anniversary of the battle of Cedar Creek, September 2014, is a date that everyone should remain mindful in any planning that is being done for the park.

Jacox talked about the meeting schedule for 2012/2013, which must be advertised in the Federal Register. She began by saying that she would like to see if the September meeting could be in October to coincide with the initial site visit of Dennis/Konetzka. That depends on the contract’s being signed. That meeting will be in Front Royal. The remaining meetings will be:
December 20, 2012 Strasburg

March 21, 2013 Middletown

June 20, 2013 Front Royal

Old Business

New Business
Several commission members stated that a goal worth pursuing would be to combine the tenth anniversary celebrations and the opening of the VCS.

Jacox announced that Tonia Horton has left the park and taken a position at Independence National Historical Park. We propose to fill her position in the next fiscal year with possibly a
historian, landscape architect, archeologist, or other cultural resources professional.

The date of the next meeting will be announced when Jacox knows about the date of the initial site visit by the Dennis/Konetzka Design Group team.

Jacox adjourned the meeting at 10:25 a.m.

2012-2013 draft calendar
Meeting Notes for March 15, 2012
March 15, 2012

Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historical Park

Federal Advisory Commission Meeting

March 15, 2012

Strasburg Town Hall

Strasburg, Virginia

  1. General Introductions
  1. Review of Meeting Notes from December 17, 2011
  1. Discussions continued from December 15, 2011, meeting:
  • Visitor Contact Station
  • Signage

IV. Cedar Creek and Belle Grove NHP Interim Interpretation Plan--

  1. Old Business

  1. New Business

Meeting Notes

Commission members in attendance: Diann Jacox, Designated Federal Official (DFO); John Adamson, Belle Grove; Carl Bernhards, Middletown; Mary Bowser, private landowner; Patrick Farris, Warren County and chair; Jeanne Frink, Commonwealth of Virginia; Stanley M. Hirschberg, Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation; Eric Lawrence, Frederick County; Sarah Mauck, Strasburg; Rob Nieweg, National Trust for Historic Preservation; and Pam Sheets, Shenandoah County

Commission members absent: Nick Picerno, Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation

Others in attendance: Eric Campbell, NPS; John Christiansen, Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation; Libby Gerold, National Trust for Historic Preservation; Bob Grogg, NPS volunteer; Elizabeth McClung, Belle Grove; and Dave Stegmaier, District Office, U.S. Representative Frank Wolf

Chair Patrick Farris opened the meeting at 8:35 a.m. Farris asked that everyone present give their name and affiliation. The commissioners approved the meeting notes for December 17, 2011, as written.

Diann Jacox reported that the park has received approval for leasing a 1,200-square-foot space for a visitor contact station (VCS). Ads have been placed in the Northern Virginia Daily and the Winchester Star and responses requested by March 16, 2012. The ideal is to have the VCS open by early fall and hopefully no later than December 2, 1012. Though this amount of space is a bit smaller than hoped for, it can be worked with and an inviting space for the visiting public can be developed. All persons who responded to previous solicitations were contacted about the change and the new advertisements. The NPS will rely on volunteers largely to staff the VCS.

As to signage Jacox could not say that much progress has been made. Funding proposals have been submitted for several projects including:

  • Branding Plan (Design for Park/Key Partner Signage)
  • Interim Signage plan
  • Comprehensive Signage Plan

Essential to any sign work is good planning. These tasks cannot be done in-house; a contractor with expertise is essential so that the park can receive approval for implementation of the park and partner plans.

The partners may want to look for grant money for assistance in implementation once a sign plan is in place. The National Trust has said that they have $5,000 that they could put toward such a project. In the meantime Jacox will work with Harpers Ferry center to develop cost estimates and a scope of work for a potential contractor.

The discussions surrounding the VCS and signage/branding will continue into the future.

  1. Campbell reported that the Interim Interpretive Plan (IIP), that was developed with the Federal Advisory Commission in 2010-2011, is being implemented. This year the focus is on commemorative programs for the 1862 Valley Campaign as well as on working with the contractor to develop exhibits that will go into the VCS. Park staff is also working with Harpers Ferry Center to re-do the park folder. Both exhibits and publication are theme-driven—as defined in the IIP—and are further steps in telling the park’s stories. A new app developed by the Civil War Preservation Trust (CWPT) is about ready for release. The park requested funding to develop an interpretive trail plan with the provisions for wayside exhibits. Patrick Farris suggested that the interpretive staff also work with Warren County during its spring and fall festivals, to make the local population aware of this and other national parks in their area. As to seasonal staff, besides Shannon, Campbell has one person who worked here last year as well as one other new person.

Old Business

Initially the park hoped that the building now serving as the park’s HQ’s at 8693 Valley Pike could also be used as a visitor contact station, as we discussed the proposal, there were a number of obstacles that could not be readily solved. There was insufficient space for bus parking and turnarounds. There was insufficient room to separate the public space that would serve as the visitor contact station from the office space. The site is also very important to the people of Vermont because of its proximity to the Vermont monument and respect must be shown to it. At some time in the future the NPS will have to consider the possibility of landscape restoration and removal of contemporary structures around the Vermont Monument. Because there are so many unknowns about the properties surrounding the monument it is best to do as little now to the area so that work that might be done now will not have to be undone at some later date.

New Business

John Christensen reported that Hupps Hill is now a certified visitor center. A reception this evening will introduce the facility to the people of the three counties.

The next meeting will be in Middletown on June 21, 2012.

Chair Patrick Farris adjourned the meeting at 10:15 a.m.



Ranger Programs for 2012

Interim Interpretive Plan Implementation Plan

150th Anniversary Commemoration of the 1862 Valley Campaign

Meeting Notes from December 17, 2011

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