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Earth Science is part of every school's curriculum! What do the kids enjoy learning the most about? VOLCANOES!!!! Though sadly, not everyone can make it to a volcano. Capulin will help bring the volcano to you!

Within 3 hours of Capulin? The staff at Capulin Volcano will gladly travel to your school if you live with in a 3 hour drive time. We will bring multiple experiments to help the students gain hands on examples of geologic concepts. Staff regularly visit schools in the Texas Panhandle in conjunction with the Windows on a Wider World organization.

Further than 3 hours from Capulin? That's okay. We may not be able to visit your school in person, but we can always visit digitally. Park staff have given programs through video chat with schools that are unable to visit in person. The school will have to provide the supplies for the experiments, but our staff members will be more than glad to lead programs and discuss the experiments with your students.

E-mail Ty Labeth if you would like more information, or check availability.

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    Last updated: August 21, 2016

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