Final Deer EIS


This Final White-tailed Deer Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement describes four alternatives for the management of deer at Catoctin Mountain Park, as well as the environment that would be affected by the alternatives and the environmental consequences of implementing these alternatives.

The purpose of this action is to develop a deer management plan that supports forest regeneration, and provides for long-term protection, conservation, and restoration of native species and cultural landscapes. Action is needed at this time to address declining forest regeneration and to ensure that natural processes (including the presence of deer) support native vegetation, wildlife, and the cultural landscape. Studies have determined that excessive deer browsing reduces forest regeneration, resulting in adverse changes to the forest structure, composition, and wildlife habitat. Excessive deer browsing in Catoctin Mountain Park could adversely affect the natural distribution, abundance, and diversity of native species, including species of special concern, and has impacted native shrubs, trees, and forest systems that comprise the natural vegetation component of the Camp Misty Mount and Camp Greentop cultural landscapes. Furthermore, action is needed to foster greater cooperation with state and local governments currently implementing deer management actions to help achieve mutual deer management goals.

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Last updated: April 27, 2018

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