Third to Fifth Grades

Common Core State Standards
Each lesson identifies which standards it supports. These lessons can be used to plan for a visit to the Sandburg Home or as stand-alone lessons in the classroom.

Students will explore two of Sandburg's literary genres: autobiography/biography and poetry. Poetry will be read-aloud and physically expressed. Carl Sandburg and Abraham Lincoln are the subjects of autobiography and biography. Mrs. Sandburg's prize-winning dairy goats are the focus of learning about the properties of goats milk, how it's different from cow's milk and how goat's digest differently than humans.

Pre-Visit Lesson: Connemara Farm
CCSS - RI.4.7, RI.4.3
NC Essential Standards Science - 5.L.1, 3.L.1

Pre-VIsit Lesson: Poets and Poetry
CCSS - W.4.4, SL.4.1
NC Essential Standards - 3.H.1, 4.H.2, 5.H.2

Pre-Visit Lesson: Sandburg Through Time - Growing Up
CCSS - RI.4.3, RI.4.7, W.4.6, W.4.8, SL.4.1, SL.4.5

On-Site Lesson: Sandburg Through Time - From Prairie Town Boy to Famous Writer
CCSS - RI.4.7, W.4.8, W.4.4, SL.4.1
NC Essential Standards 3.H.1, 4.H.2, 5.H.2

On-Site Lesson: Sandburg's Writing "Spring Grass"
CCSS RL.4.4, RL.4.2, SL.4.1

Post-Visit Lesson: Sandburg Through Time - Autobiographical Poem
CCSS - RL.4.2, RL.3.10, RL.4.10, RL.5.10, W.3.5, W.4.5, W.5.5, W.4.4, W.5.4, SL3.1, SL.4.1, SL.5.1

Post-Visit Lesson: Sandburg and Lincoln
CCSS - RI.3.1, RI.4.3, RI.5.3
NC Essential Standards - 3.H.1, 3.H.2, 4.H.1

Post-Visit Lesson: Why Goat's Milk?
CCSS - RI.3.2, RI.4.2, Ri.5.2, W.3.2, W.4.2, W.5.2, SL.3.1, SL.4.1, SL.5.1
NC Essential Standards Science - 3.L.1, 5.L.1

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