Through the Eyes of a Poet

"My name is truth and I am the most elusive captive in the universe"
Carl Sandburg

Essential Questions
How does a writer's personal experiences and values shape his/her work?
In what ways are Sandburg's poems still relevant to a modern audience?
How did Mrs. Sandburg's work with goats reflect the Sandburgs' values?

Program Information

  • Through the Eyes of the Poet" is an interdisciplinary curriculum-based education program combining in-school lesson plans and an on-site visit.
  • Lessons meet numerous national education standards and North Carolina Common Core standards in language arts, science, social studies, and drama. Specific standards addressed in each activity are included at the end of the packet.
  • During the on-site visit, students will rotate through three different ranger/volunteer-led activity stations. Visit will include an educational tour of the Sandburg home and goat farm barn.
  • If you would like to visit the Carl Sandburg Home NHS with your class, please make a reservation with the Park's Education Coordinator by calling 828-693-4178.

Pre-Visit Lesson: All In the Family (farm life)
Pre-Visit Lesson: Perfectly Pertinent Persuasion Poems

On-Site Lesson: All in the Family (goat genetics)
On-Site Lesson: Sandburg Alive!
On-Site Lesson: Sandburg Home Tour

Post-Visit Lesson: Reflective Writing
Post-Visit Lesson: High Performance Poetry

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