Jr. Ranger punch-out hat

Jr Ranger paper hat
This is a scanned copy of the paper hats as they come from the printer. They are perforated around the hat brim and around the "crown" piece so they can be punched out and then it will fit on the kids (or their parents!) heads. The crown piece folds up so that it looks like our uniform hats.

The NPS and U.S. Government Printing Office - Atlanta Regional (GPO-ARPPO) are working on a reprint of the Jr. Ranger paper hats. What a great opportunity to stretch your budget by combining all participants orders under one procurement. Submitting the order this way will allow us to get a better price per paper hat than if we submitted individual orders.

If you wish to purchase Jr. Ranger paper (punch-out) hats from this printing:

  • Decide on your budget $ amount (not how many hats) – this will be a Fixed – Price Quantity bid (getting as many hats as possible for the $ we have) and will not go out until the total amount –everybody's budget added together – is known.

  • Submit an SF-1 by the cut-off date of November 29, 2014. All orders will ship no later than December 19, 2014 (See instructions on filling out the SF-1 below)

  • SF-1s may submitted via e-fax (1-800-270-4758) or emailed to jmessersmith@gpo.gov,
  • Be sure to include on the SF-1 the following information:
    • Your budget amount
    • Contact name and phone number
    • Your park's physical (or "street") address – no PO boxes, etc.

Questions? Please fell free to call or email me at anytime.

Jeffery Messersmith
Office phone – (404) 605-9160 ext. 32708 (7-3:30 M-F)
Email: jmessersmith@gpo.gov


An example of the SF-1 filled out for submission to have the hat printed. (pdf) Will need to use Adobe Reader to view the file and fill in the requested information blocks. The areas with the comment icons need to be filled in by each park. Select the icon to see the instructions for each required information block.


Last updated: April 14, 2015

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