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2010 Teacher-Rangers
Outer Banks Group 2010 Teacher Rangers (from left to right) Connie Grizzard - Manteo Middle School, Pam Muse-Williams - Manteo Elementary School, Lisa Spencer - Mattamuskeet High School, Pat Baker - Nags Head Elementary School

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2009 Teacher-Rangers
Outer Banks Group 2009 Teacher-Rangers (from left to right), Rolando Nacif - Cape Hatteras Schools, Bob Kretz - Nags Head Elementary School, Cathy Hammill - Manteo Elementary School, Ken Binkley - First Flight High School, Marcia Jenkins - Manteo Elementary School, Lisa Spencer - Mattamuskeet High School

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Teacher-Ranger Comments

What were your top three favorite things about this program?

  • The staff I worked with.
  • The friendships developed.
  • I enjoy talking to people. With this job, I got to talk to a lot of people.
  • I got to move around between different assignments in different locations throughout the day. The variety was really stimulating.
  • I was treated fairly and really felt appreciated by the interpretive staff. They came to me, as a teacher, to get my advice on programs.
  • Visitor response, thankfulness for the work that we were doing.
  • Working with park visitors. They were engaged in the park resources and had a desire to learn.
  • Wearing the uniform.
  • The satisfaction of knowing I have done a good job – I have done something truly worthwhile.
  • I liked the research and writing the programs.
  • I liked meeting visitors from different cultures and foreign countries--I learned from them.
  • Being part of providing quality experiences for families that helped to develop family memories and quality time.
  • Hands-on experiences with nature.

How was this program important to you as a teacher?

  • Our training in interpretive techniques, and development and presentation of interpretive programs validated my method of teaching through storytelling.
  • This program has made me excited about teaching subjects (i.e. science) that were not as interesting to me before.
  • I got a rest from classroom teaching, but the experience sharpened my teaching skills and allowed us to think outside of the box.
  • I will now take my students to the park, and use the park as a resource for my teaching.
  • I can mold the knowledge I learned to fit not just in our curriculum, but beyond that with in-depth activities.
  • I will now teach with topics that I did not use before and, moreover, I can weave threads and use these topics in a different ways, creating more in-depth connections.
  • With the things I learned in this program, I will be able to teach in a broader way, connecting topics between subject matter areas that I had not realized existed before or truly struggled with before to make the connection.
  • I learned new strategies for teaching – especially with diverse audiences (different backgrounds, ages, etc).
  • This hands-on experience was meaningful. People think about hand-on learning being for kids, but this hands-on was great for the teachers too.
  • The schools and the parks were able to learn about each other and the resources we both have which we can share to teach students.

Was park staff responsive to your needs and did they work to include you as a team member?

  • All park staff couldn't have been any nicer. We were treated like gold.
  • This experience was better than either NCCAT or the Teacher Academy.
  • Interpretive staff well understood the Teacher-Rangers' role - that Teacher-Rangers were there to learn, but were also expected to perform and do their share.
  • The good discussions about park resources and interpretive techniques, and the information sharing between the Teacher-Rangers and seasonal interpreters was very helpful and very valued.
  • Shared respect between the Teacher-Rangers and park staff was good and important/valued. We really felt that we were really part of the interpretive team! Staff enthusiasm was contagious.
  • The staff saw more in me that I even saw in myself. I learned more about myself--I can do things that I didn't think I could do or would have been hesitant to do.

National Park Service Staff Comments

  • Having Teacher-Rangers in the park gave us the flexibility to provide more interpretive opportunities for our park visitors.
  • The Teacher-Ranger's excitement about this program really energized our seasonal staff throughout the summer. The Teacher-Ranger's enthusiasm was contagious.
  • Teacher-Rangers gave us a new perspective in looking at park stories with a teacher's eye.
  • The Teacher-Ranger-Teacher program is the most effective program I have been involved with in my entire National Park Service career. Even after only 8 weeks, this program is already making a difference.

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