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poster with 3 books and awards, also stuffed bear wearing multiple badges, for Junior Rangers
2016 Junior Ranger fun at Casa Grande Ruins
wooden junior ranger badge
A wooden Junior Ranger badge like that you can earn during your park visit.

Especially for Kids

Discover the history of Casa Grande Ruins, the proud and hard-working people living here in ancient times, and the story of how they managed to flourish in such a harsh environment. Enjoy activities, games, and puzzles to learn about this very special place. Activities during your visit may include visiting the Great House, attending a tour, helping with a skills demonstration, visiting the ball court, studying the museum exhibits in the visitor center, examining the touch table, and completing activity pages that encourage discovery. Children can also earn a free official Casa Grande Ruins Junior Ranger badge!

How does it work?

While visiting Casa Grande Ruins, pick up a Junior Ranger Program Exploration Notebook at the visitor center - it's free. Complete as many pages as your age and return with the completed book to talk with a park ranger or volunteer at the visitor center. They will review your book with you. When you show you know some of the park history and tell us what you experienced in the park you will receive a Junior Ranger badge.

You can print out a copy of the book (PDF 2.6 MB) before your visit but a park visit is required to earn the award. The purpose of the Junior Ranger program is to help children interact with the park.

Junior Ranger Badges are earned during a park visit. Casa Grande Ruins Junior Ranger awards are not available without an on-site visit.

patch and rocker award for Archeology program
Arizona Junior Ranger Archeology patch and Casa Grande Ruins rocker

Arizona-wide Junior Archeologist

For Junior Rangers motoring with their family around the state of Arizona there is a special new program. The Arizona Junior Archeologist book (PDF 29 MB) highlights 18 NPS areas in Arizona. You can pick up your book at any of the 18 participating parks, or if you are really prepping in advance you can print the PDF (but it is a very large file).

After you visit the park, answer the one page of park questions, and then have the ranger sign and stamp the book to earn a 'rocker' for the park. It takes a visit to 4 different listed parks to earn the center patch.

This program was launched for the NPS Centennial and may not be extended. Start your book at Canyon de Chelly, Casa Grande Ruins, Chiricahua, Coronado, Fort Bowie, Lake Mead, Montezuma Castle, Navajo, Organ Pipe Cactus, Petrified Forest, Pipe Spring, Saguaro, Sunset Crater Volcano, Tonto, Tuzigoot, Tumacacori, Wupatki or Walnut Canyon. You may collect as many rocker patches as you do park visits.

Junior Ranger Archeologist patches and rockers are earned during park visits. Awards are not available without an on-site visit.

wooden Centennial junior ranger badge for NPS 100 birthday
NPS wooden Centennial Junior Ranger badge

More, more, more!

There are theme based Junior Ranger books that may not require specific park visits. At Casa Grande Ruins we have a limited number of book copies to share. We will share all we have, though, and if you complete the book while in the park we'll swear you in as a Junior Ranger and present you with a badge.

For those of you who cannot visit, forgot to ask, or are just plain curious, the details for these other programs are found on-line at the Kids in Parks page. Please do not ask Casa Grande Ruins to mail any of these books to you, go directly to the sponsoring site. We do not have a large park supply of these books so they are reserved for children to request while visiting Casa Grande Ruins.

Please do not contact Casa Grande Ruins National Monument about these theme awards. Follow the link to the main NPS Kids page for further information and special requests.

web ranger patch with hat and world map design
Web Ranger Patch earned on-line. DO NOT contact Casa Grande Ruins as the program is not administered through this park.
Don't Miss the On-Line Web Rangers Site!

Click here for the National Park Service's on-line Web Ranger program for kids of all ages.

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