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We will be glad to assist your school group in any way we can. Regretfully, we can seldom provide ranger-led school programs in your classroom. We will, however, offer hands-on activities to augment the self-guided workbook during your visit to our park whenever staff is available.

----→The Monument will host school groups with reservations made at least three weeks in advance of the visit. A staff member will always provide a brief orientation to your group.
----→School visits are generally limited to November through April and during the mornings between 9 am and noon. Group size is limited to 50 students total.
----→School group activities are conducted outdoors. In addition to the area where the Casa Grande is located, we use the outdoor classroom area adjacent to the visitor center. The park's new theater/multi-purpose space may or may not be available, please expect to be outdoors.
----→We have a student exploration program focused on 3rd-5th grade curriculum for use when students are visiting. We strongly recommend using this program or one of your own during your visit. We have developed a student exploration booklet to help with the learning process.
----→Our museum is quite small, so we ask teachers who want their students to visit the museum to bring no more than three chaperoned groups of five to seven students inside the museum at one time. We do have a multi-purpose room/theater that can hold an entire group of 50. If weather is a concern alternative presentations may be available.
----→Our picnic area includes a covered shelter area and school groups are welcome to have lunch there. There you can also find a viewing platform to see a prehistoric ball court. We do suggest that lunches be stored in hard-walled coolers to keep park wildlife out of the food. We have seen round-tail ground squirrels, eat right through polyester lunch containers.
----→There is a park bookstore that carries a range of educational materials. These items include Junior Ranger patches, badges, water bottles, finger puppets, puzzles and more. Teachers may request a discount on items purchased for classroom use. Please let us know if your students plan to shop. Student group size would be limited to groups of 5 to 7 with at least one adult supervisor, no more than 2 groups in the store at the same time.

Last updated: June 2, 2019

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General park contact number includes a phone tree for finding the employee you wish to contact. Callers may dial zero for the phone attendant. Voicemail is available for many of the extensions.

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