Mark Adams

Mark Adams

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Name: Mark Adams

Official Title: Geographic Information Specialist, Coastal Geology Technician

Phone: 508 487 3262 x 0501

Email: e-mail us


B.A. Biology/Ecology, Univ. of California, Berkeley

M.L.A. Environmental Planning, Univ. of California, Berkeley

Research Interests and Lab Responsibilities: Geospatial components of resource management and monitoring; GIS and GPS techniques, elevation surveys for coastal change; remote sensing and landscape change; data management. Science communication, geographic literacy, outdoor science education.

Representative Publications:

Publications and Technical Reports
Dunwiddie, P., and M.B. Adams. 1995. Fire suppression and landscape change
on Outer Cape Cod 1600-1994. Technical Report NPS/NESO-RNR/NRTR/96-08, U.S.
Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Boston MA.

McCreary, S.T., and M.B. Adams. 1995. "Managing Wetlands through Advanced Planning
and Permitting: The Columbia River Estuary Study." In Collaborative Planning for
Wetlands and Wildlife, Porter, Douglas and David Salvesen, eds. Island Press, Covelo CA.

Adams, M.B., C. Swainwick, and K. Wilkie. 1987. Landscape assessment for
Mid Wales uplands; Two volumes: I. Methods, II. Findings. Land Use Consultants Ltd.
For the Countryside Commission of the U.K.

Adams M.B., and G.S. Giese. 2010. Monitoring a Nauset Beach breach
and inlet formation, 2007-2008 on Cape Cod, Chatham, Massachusetts.
Cape Cod National Seashore, Wellfleet MA.

Giese, G.S., T.L. Keon and M.B. Adams, Science in aid of a community
adapting to an unexpected new tidal inlet: Chatham, Massachusetts. 2009.
Coastal Zone 09, NOAA Coastal Services Center, 20-23 July, Boston, MA.

Giese, G.S., M.B. Adams, and T.L. Keon, Tidal inlet migration
"cycles" and tidal hydrodynamics - a cautionary tale. 2008. Geological
Society of America, Annual Meeting, Houston, TX.

Giese, G.S., and M.B. Adams, Changing orientation of ocean-facing
bluffs on a transgressive coast, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. 2007. Coastal
Sediments Conference, American Society of Civil Engineers, New Orleans, LA.

Giese, G.S., and M.B. Adams, Response of the Outer Cape Cod coast
to Holocene sea level rise: Part 1, bluff section. 2006. Geological
Society of America, Northeast Section Meeting, Harrisburg, PA.

Adams, M.B., and G.S. Giese, The challenges and promises
of communicating coastal erosion information. 2005. Geological
Society of America, Annual Meeting, Denver, CO.

Journalism/Feature Writing
Martha's Vineyard Magazine:
September 1995, "The Vanishing Island: Coastal Change on Martha's Vineyard."
August 1994, "Kayaking the Great Ponds."
May 1993, "The Next Revolution: Land Use Change on Martha's Vineyard."
September 1992, "The Dying Forest, An Agenda for Restoration."

Biological Illustration
Johnson C. S. Wang, Illustrations by Mark Adams. 1981. Taxonomy of the Early
Life Stages of Fishes of the Sand Francisco Bay and Estuary, Ecological Analysts, Lafayette, CA.

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