June 10, 2013 - Letter to Governor Patrick Regarding the Pilgrim Nuclear Plant

June 10, 2013

Governor Deval Patrick
Office of the Govemor
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
State House
Boston, MA 02133

Dear Governor Patrick,

We write in regard to the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station.

Like you, the Cape Cod National Seashore Advisory Commission wrote to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in the spring of 2012, opposing the relicensing of the forty year old power station. As you know, the plant was relicensed despite disturbing concerns about public safety, public health and environmental damage. None of the safety upgrades recommended by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's own posGFukishima task force were approved even though Chairman lazko was in favor of those recommendations. He resigned shortly after. Since then, he has stated his concern publicly about the safety of these aged Mark 1 GE boiler reactors and recommended that they be decommissioned. The Pilgrim plan has the same containment structure that failed to contain hydrogen gas explosions in the Fukishima plant.

Between April third and May twenty first of this year, fourteen towns on Cape Cod passed the statement below via warrant articles at annual town meetings or ballot questions:

"We the people of (town) respectfully request Governor Deval Patrick to call upon the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to uphold their mandate to shut the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth because the public safety, particularly of Cape Cod resident and visitors, cannot be assured,"

Our commission supports this statement and respectfully requests that you use the power of your office to require the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to uphold their public safety mandate.


Richard F. Delaney
Chair, Cape Cod National Seashore Advisory Commission

Mass. Emergency Management Agency
Entergy, Executive VP & Chief Nuclear Officer
Mass. Dept of Public Health
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Rep. William Keating
Senator Daniel Wolf
Rep. Sarah Peake
Superintendent George Price
Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell

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