CFP Action Plan - Education and Outreach

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The park plans to incorporate more climate friendly information in interpretive programs


Cape Cod National

Seashore can play an

integral role in

communicating about

climate change to a

vast audience.

A better understanding of the challenges and benefits of reducing GHG emissions can motivate staff, visitors, and community members to incorporate climate friendly actions into their own lives. Cape Cod National Seashore recognizes that the greatest potential impact the park can have on mitigating climate change is through public education.

Completed and Ongoing Actions

  • Disseminate climate change and climate friendly information to interpretive staff for incorporation into programs.
  • Created demonstration projects, exhibits, and outreach materials to convey park sustainability message to visitors.
  • Participated in Interagency Transportation, Land Use, and Climate Change pilot project scenario planning workshop, as well as advance planning and refining of workshop results.
  • Incorporate sessions on climate change and climate friendly actions into all-employee staff trainings.
  • Conducted a green facilities workshop for Outer Cape town managers, DPW workers, and CCNS Advisory Commission members in Fall of 2012.

Planned Actions

  • Increase CFP educational signage and create cellphone information stops.
  • Continue to create and distribute new and previously produced information on climate change and its effects on national parks in general, and on Cape Cod National Seashore.
  • Integrate Climate Friendly Parks program with school programs using educational kits, wayside exhibits, and posters.
  • Encourage internal and external stakeholders to reduce their carbon footprints using tools like Do Your Part!
  • Create green web film to display on the webpage and be played at the visitors center.
  • Look for opportunities to host traveling exhibits focusing on the impacts of climate change as well as general awareness about climate change. Focus presentations on climate change priorities and talk about success stories.



Last updated: February 26, 2015

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