Request for Proposal - Nauset Knoll Motor Lodge

This Request for Proposals (RFP) provides the opportunity for interested individuals and organizations to submit proposals to the National Park Service (NPS) to lease an NPS property in Cape Cod National Seashore (CACO)

Proposals are due on December 17th, 2018

For More Information, and to submit a proposal, visit

Request for Proposal Questions and Answers

All questions asked by perspective bidders, and answers by the park are available below.

Added November 14, 2018

Does the NPS have any information or reports about lead paint or asbestos in the buildings?

Is there a sample application or template to follow for creating a proposal?

Are the furniture or fixtures included in the lease?
The furnishings are owned by the current concessionaire and are not included in the lease. Questions about the potential purchase of those furnishings should be directed to current concessionaire.

Is the property a year round property? If not, is rent based on actual season?
The property has been used as a three season property. The rent will be based on comparable property's in the area.

Will the intellectual property be released?
NPS is not aware of any intellectual property associated with the property.

When will the minimum rent be released?
The NPS is currently working with an appraiser to establish the minimum rent. We hope to be able to release it soon.

Should we include letters of support in our proposal?
Proposals should include any documents that you feel are responsive to the requirements listed in the RFP.

Added November 19, 2018

Are the facilities year round?
The motel has traditionally only been used for 3 seasons. NPS does not know the feasibility of using the facilities year round.

Is the motel on town water?

Will there be options for extensions in the lease?

In the case of a disaster will there be an offset to the lease?
Generally no, but the decision would be made on a case by case basis.

Has there been a full assessment of hazardous materials in the buildings?

Will there be any additional opportunities for inspections?
There are not any additional inspections scheduled at this time.

What is the status of the septic system?
The motor lodge is on town water with 4 septic systems onsite.

What is the electrical amperage?
Main breaker panel in the basement of the Office/Residence building is 150 amps.
Main breaker panel in the windmill building (for windmill building and cottages) is 225 amps.

Can we have access to the concessionaire's financial statements?
No, we cannot disclose confidential information belonging to the current concessionaire; including financial statements and proprietary business information.

Where are the hot water heater's located?
Hot water heaters are located in the basement of the Office/Residence building and the basement of the windmill building.

Added November 26, 2018

Can you provide any profit and loss information from the previous tenant?
We do not have the ability to give his information out.

Any idea what you’re expecting/minimum?
We won't know this until the appraisal is done. At least a two week window will be provided to submit a proposal after the rent is announced.

Does the town have first shot regardless of another higher offer?
No, the town does not get first shot.

How many rooms?
Detailed information on the property can be found in the RFP.

Added December 4, 2018

Who owns the present website?
The current concessioner owns the current website.

Will the present site be transferred?
A new lessee could reach out to the concessioner and try and purchase the site from them if they like.

Are there any advanced deposits or reservations on hold for next season?
They have been taking bookings, but no deposits. They said that they are pretty much booked up for the next season and that their machine currently says that all booking confirmations will be sent out on March 1, 2019. At that time deposits for bookings will be required.

If furniture and other items are not purchased from concessionaire will the property be broom clean ready?
The facilities will be vacated and all personal property will be removed. The facilities are transitioned to the next contract holder in at least as good condition as when the previous contract holder received their contract. Reasonable wear and tear is expected.

Who owns the name" Nauset Knoll Motor Lodge"?
Will concessionaire be given right to use name?

These questions are being researched and will be answered shortly.

How old is the roof?
The roofs on the Office/Residence, Garage, Storage Shed, Two Overpasses, and all room unit buildings were replaced in 2007.

How old and type of hot water system for the motel?
The hot water heaters located in the basement of the office/residence (240v, 6kw, 50 gallons) and the basement of the windmill (240v, 18kw, 120 gallons) were installed in 2017.

Last updated: March 15, 2019

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