Suggested Reading

These selected materials may help you and your class prepare for your visit to Cabrillo National Monument. They are available at the Cabrillo National Monument Foundation Bookstore located in the Visitor Center.


Cabrillo National Monument. Brown, Joseph E. An overall orientation to Cabrillo National Monument. A good teacher’s reference.

Sharing Nature with Children. Cornell, Joseph Bharat. A nature awareness guidebook.

Young Naturalist. Mitchell, Andrew. An Usborne Guide for children.


An Account of the Voyage of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo. Edited by Nauman, James. A new publication that gives an accurate account of the Cabrillo voyage.

Cabrillo. Lemke, Nancy. An introduction to Cabrillo’s life and exploration.

Cabrillo’s World. Cabrillo Historical Association. A collection of papers related to Cabrillo, Spanish exploration, and California.

DeSoto, Coronado, Cabrillo: Explorers of the Northern Mystery. Lavender, David. A National Park Service summary of early Spanish explorers in North America.

In Search of Cabrillo. National Park Service. A 27-minute video about Cabrillo’s expedition. Used at Cabrillo National Monument.

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo. Kelsey, Harry. Recent research about Cabrillo’s life.


Delfina Cuero, An Account of Her Last Years. Autobiography. Shipek, Florence C.

Indians of the Oaks. Lee, Melicent. Children’s stories about native Californians.

Native Ways: California Indians Stories and Memories. Margolin, Malcom and Montijo, Yolanda. Stories and information about native Californians.

Pushed Into the Rocks (1769-1986). Shipek, Florence.

Survival Skills of Native California. Campbell, Paul D. Well-documented and illustrated text about the early people of California.


Ghosts of Cabrillo Lighthouse. Signor, John. A children’s story about living in the Old Point Loma Lighthouse.

Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie. Roop, Peter and Roop, Connie. A children’s story of a young girl who has to run a lighthouse in the 1850s.

Lighthouse Activity Book. De Wire, Elinore. A collection of articles and activities.


Exploring Tidepools. Brown, Philip R. An activity book on intertidal ecology.

Life Between the Tides. Brandon, Jeffrey L. and Rokop, Frank J. Color pictures with text.

Marine Biology Coloring Book. Niesen, Thomas M. Excellent descriptive text with pictures.

Pacific Intertidal Life. Russo, Ron and Olhausen, Pam. An easy guide.

Seashore Life of Southern California. Hinton, Sam. A guide book for tidepool field trips.

Seashore Naturalist, The. Coulombe, D.A. A guide to the study of seashores.


Gray Whales. Gordon, David G. and Baldridge, Alan. Natural History and whaling information about gray whales.

Gray Whales: Wandering Giants. Busch, Robert H. Good technical data.

Pod of Gray Whales. Gohier, Francois. Very useful pictures and text.

Whales in the Classroom: Getting to Know Whales. Wade, Larry. Children’s activities about whales.

Where the Waves Break: Life at the Edge of the Sea. Malnig, Anita. Good information and great pictures.

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