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Stay connected and learn what is happening at Brown v. Board of Education NHS. We want to connect with you, and keep you connected to us, by meeting you at the places you are currently at, and where you expect us to be. Learn more below.

Brown v. Board of Education NHS has a page on Facebook you can "like." Here, you will be able to share with us and others your experiences at the site. Occasionally we'll ask a thought provoking question, tell you "what is happening now," engage in conversations, post photos and videos, and hopefully you'll learn a little more than you knew before!

Follow us @BRVB_NHS! Find out about special events, special exhibits, dates in history, and more.

Want to share photos from your visit or see some of our photos quickly? We're now on Instagram. Check us out @BRVB_NHS!

Superintendent David Smith has a blog that he uses to share experiences, happenings, and information about Brown v. Board of Education and various topics that are important to him. Read about what is happening here.

Last updated: June 30, 2017

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