Field Trips

White Water

Feelings charted out on a piece of paper.

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This story is about a boy that lives during a time of segregation. While reading to the students there will be continuous discussions throughout the book to include anticipation, emphasis of vocabulary, expression of feelings and making connections from Brown v. Board of Education to freedoms, rights discrimination, and segregation. While reading, a chart will be developed to plot the feelings of the main character as his feelings are affected either negative or positive throughout his different experiences.


Education Department


African American History and Culture, Civil Rights Movement, History, Reading, Social Studies
National/State Standards:
Reading CCR. 2
Speaking and Listening: CCR.4 
retell stories, identify, understand, print, organization, speaking, listening, following rules, asking questions, give details, express thoughts, national symbol, landmarks, Statue of Liberty, Mr. Rushmore, rules, Consequences, fairness, justice, Freedom, courage, respect, honest, likeness, difference
Field Trips